///   Vagabond’s EDC Gear Kit V2

Urban EDC Gear /// VinjatekThis is version 2 of my vagabonding EDC gear kit for international travel and urban everyday carry. Equipped on my person at all times.

An everyday carry kit is a constantly evolving, ever-changing set of gear that should be customized for the person’s preferences and situational needs.

-John V Cain

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*Vagabonding Urban EDC Gear Items V2 :

Hitcase Pro: The GoPro Alternative + Review - Vagabonding VInjabond

Hitcase Pro + iPhone

Other than the fact that I’m a digital nomad, the iPhone is my most used gear because of my love for photography. Encased in the amazing Hitcase Pro case, I can take it to any environment (including deep underwater) offering tank-like protection and GoPro-like wide angle action shots.

BUY $150 USD

Gerber Shard Tool - Vagabonding EDC

Shard Tool

About the size of a house key, this solid single piece of steel is probably the most useful multi-tool in the most simple form. Effectively a pry-bar, bottle opener, flat driver, phillips head driver but can creatively be used as many other tools. Airplane safe and accepted for carry-on EDC gear.


NOMAD ChargeKey - Vagabonding EDC


This lightning USB cable from NOMAD is the smallest yet best designed for the iPhone. Also the size of a house key, no other charger is better for a minimalist EDC. Without the ChargeKey, I don’t think I would bother carrying a standard iPhone charger. Read my review.


Pocket Shiv - Vagabonding EDC

Pocket Shiv

A very unique yet specifically functional knife from S&S Precision. This tiny dagger was designed to be able to be attached to straps and molle systems seamlessly. I put it on my custom survival + tactical bracelet, hidden in plain sight for rapid deployment.


Triple Aught Design SERE Kit - Vagabonding EDC


Encased in the mil-spec Life Capsule by Triple Aught Design is an urban survival and escape / evasion kit with many of the items from Vigilant Gear. Alternately I carry a different Life Capsule with a standard survival kit for the outdoors.

BUY $100+ USD

GERBER Dime Micro Tool - Vagabonding EDC

Dime Tool

Made by Gerber, this multi-tool is the smallest of its kind but retains the functionality of a full sized one. Has 10 specific tools for a variety of needs great for minimal or lightweight urban EDC. The only thing missing is a screwdriver but the Shard Tool compliments it perfectly.


Cache Capsule - Vagabonding EDC

Cache Capsule

Also part of my experimental EDC keychain kit. This full titanium container and clip usually holds my migraine medicine. Other items could be emergency cash, documents or anything small that needs to be stashed and protected. Light and undetectable by metal detectors.

BUY $50+ USD

Stealth Response Knife - Vagabonding EDC

Stealth Response Knife

Based on Max Venom’s Karambite knife. I designed this for maximum concealability and the fastest deployment in the smallest form factor possible (without losing functionality) for last ditch self defense situations. Shown with my custom IWB sheath.


SportHolster: Ultra Minimal EDC Backpack /// VINJABOND


The most ergonomic, comfortable and minimal “backpack” available. This holster has evolved my EDC gear system to a new level. Wearable at all times regardless of the activity, it’s like adding seamless pockets on your person. The bag to use when you don’t want to use one. Read my review.


Covert EDC Necklace

Covert EDC Necklace

I wanted a secure and seamless way to carry some very small but vital items without using traditional pockets or a bag, something I can have on my person literally at all times. In response, I made this pure titanium cache necklace. It usually holds my backup SERE kit and also bypasses metal detection.


Urban EDC Gear /// Vinjatek


SPNB /// LALO Tactical
100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN
Yomp Notes /// SPN
SPNB /// Goruck


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Always with the best gear, as always…. Imma copy some of this EDC for my own!

Specialist Zero

Yup, getting a few of these for my urban EDC.


That EDC necklace thing is sick, would you be willing to part with yours?


Awesome EDC but off topic question, how do you get these photos?

Q Min TIn

That;s a pretty marly EDC kit. I also have the Gerber Dime tool and the Triple Aught Design capsule. Great gear.

Faced from Bass

Your urban EDC has a nice minimalist approach to it. I suppose your knife is intentionally short for legality purposes as you travel the world?

Erick Ajo

Thanks for the info! Changing up my urban edc!

Lim Yimei

How do you get airport security? Like in china for instance they checked my bags throughly at every check point

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