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Urban Survival Gear  ///

Dark Urban Survival Gear EDC Kit /// Vinjatek

This is a curated selection of urban survival gear, clothing, EDC and kits. For SHTF, operations, TEOTWAWKI, work, SERE and every day city living. List updated on 7/29/19.

Urban survivalism isn’t just about life or death situations or even isolated to events of chaos. It also pertains to thriving in the concrete jungle or at the very least to increase efficiency and effectiveness in metropolitan lifestyles.

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100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition Book ///  Urban Survival Gear

100 Deadly Skills: Book

This is the wilderness and urban survival gear edition of the acclaimed book by Navy SEAL best selling author, Clint Emerson. Highly graphical 272 pages of expert advice and instructions.

        $14+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

      *ESSENTIALS //

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter Generator /// Urban Survival Gear

EF2000iSv2 Inverter

Extremely portable, powerful and whisper quiet, this high-end Yamaha inverter generator produces 2000 watts of power over 10 hours of per operation. Good on the go or bunkered up. Made in Japan.

        $865+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack EDC 2019 /// Urban Survival Gear


The flagship backpack of Triple Aught Design. Arguably the best overall tactical / adventure rucksack ever made. A perfect modular carry system for well equipped yet mobile urban survival gear kits.

        $350+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Zero Tolerance 0350 Knife /// Urban Survival Gear

ZT 0350 Knife

Premium Zero Tolerance tactical tool that’s widely considered the ultimate EDC knife. Overbuilt and robust with a staggering S30V blade, yet it’s low profile and conceals smoothly. Made in the USA.

        $125+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight /// Urban Survival Gear

Torch 250

Quite possibly the most perfect survival flashlight ever made. Along with several lighting modes, this Goal Zero device charges other USB devices. Power up by wall outlet, built-in solar panels or hand-crank.

        $68+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool /// Urban Survival Gear + Kit

Charge TTi

Leatherman’s preeminent multi-tool and one of the best money can buy. Made with titanium handles that’s precision constructed with 19 tools and replaceable parts. It’s a premium survival workhorse.

        $175+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Covert Operative Urban Survival Menswear /// Vinjatek

      *CLOTHES //

LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian Boots /// Vinjatek

Shadow Amphibian Boots

The high-end amphibious Special Forces boot by LALO. Endowed with advanced footwear features and materials. An incredible tactical boot optimized for any jungle – urban and wilderness, wet and dry.

        $350   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Goruck Simple Windbreaker /// Urban Survival Gear

Simple Windbreaker

The dead simple but deadly tough jacket by Goruck. Packable, fast drying, rugged and ultra light. Works well on the streets, the office or the wilderness for survival, athletics or just living and working.

        $120   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Vollebak 100 Year Pants /// Urban Survival Clothes

100 Year Pants

Made by bleeding edge technical clothes maker, Vollebak, they’ve created the ultimate survival pant. Literally designed to last a 100 years of use. Fireproof, windproof and rugged as hell yet comfy as heaven.

        $645   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear /// Urban Survival Gear

Give-N-Go Underwear

Specifically designed for high activity and travel, ExOfficio made the perfect urban survival underwear. Odor resistant, fast drying, long lasting and easy cleaning in an exceptionally comfortable package.

        $15   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Kit /// Vinjatek


Tuff-Writer Operator Pen /// Urban Survival Gear

Operator Pen

Tuff-Writer’s flagship writing instrument is the gold standard of tactical pens, but doesn’t look too much like one, which is good. Writes like any other premium pen but with CQC defense capabilities.

        $100   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

DAKA Essential Wallet  /// Urban Survival Gear

DAKA Essential Wallet

The most minimal yet rugged wallet possible, made by Magpul. Designed as a sleeve to hold just a couple of cards and maybe a bill or two. Extremely thin and low profile yet gets the job done and will last years.

        $12   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Covert SERE Escape Bracelet /// Urban Survival Gear

Covert Escape Bracelet

Prototype restraint escape device worn on the wrist. Made from 100 perfect titanium, including the chain, clasp and hardware as well as the hidden / retractable handcuff key and carbodized razor blade.

        $NA   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Urban Survival Gear Kit Loadout for Covert Operative // Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype ///

      *LOAD CARRY //

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout /// Urban Survival Gear

FAST Pack Scout

Triple Aught Design’s smallest tactical rucksack. Ruggedized, modular and built for speed and agility. Compact at just 15 liters capacity, excellent for minimal or task specific urban survival gear and kits.

        $195   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

The North Face Base Camp Duffel /// Urban Survival Guide

Base Camp Duffel

The North Face’s legendary duffel bag series spanning over 30 years of worldwide adventurous use. Extremely durable, waterproof and built as tough as they come. Available in many sizes and colors.

        $100+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Triple Aught Design Transport Sleeve /// Urban Survival Kit

Transport Sleeve

In modern times, urban survival gear pertains also to tech and the protection of them, in this case, laptops and tablets. These overbuilt Triple Aught Design sleeve compartments are some of the best.

        $75+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Triple Aught Design Life Capsule Omega Urban Survival Kit /// Vinjatek

      *SUPPLIES //

Kevlar Cordage /// Urban Survival Gear

Kevlar Cordage

Specialized Kevlar made into thin cords with the strength of thick rope for wilderness and urban survival gear as well as any number of equipment and situational enhancement and modification hacks.

        $6   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape /// Urban Survival Gear

Tenacious Tape

Developed by Gear Aid, this inventive adhesive is like duct tape for clothes and other fabric products – but refined and clean. Great for both field applications and long-term repairs or reinforcing and waterproofing.

        $8   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Pamp Suisse Gold and Platinum Bullion /// Urban Survival Gear

Gold Bullion

In cases of extreme urban survival or TEOTWAWKI, cash money will be useless, gold and precious metals and bartering will be the new street money. Takes up very little space but holds significant value.

        $50+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX on Train Tracks in Hanoi, Vietnam. Urban Survival Guide For Covert Operatives. /// Vinjatek

Urban Survival Kit in Hanoi, Vietnam

While typcial survival pertains to the wilderness (bushcraft), urban survival tactics and gear is utilized within the vicinity of relatively densely populated areas and or places that once were. The “urban jungle“ consists of the streets, buildings, civil structures, vehicles and underworlds. Also suburban locales or any human imprinted or occupied space.

Vinjatek Loadout ///

*Although not all of the urban survival gear and clothes featured in this list is a part of my loadout or everyday carry, every item is highly recommended.


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