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John V Cain, Founder of Vinjatek

John V Cain,

Vinjatek is a focus on a more decisive way of being.

By the application of tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism and survivalism to everyday life.

The objective of the “covert operative vagabonding lifestyle method” is utilizing these associated theories, skillsets and philosophies for a more enhanced lifestyle and targeted professional life. To evolve oneself to become a more effective and masterful man.

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John V Cain is an American patriot, former covert operative and active operations consultant. A New York native living globally as a vagabond and digital nomad.

COVERT OPERATIVE   ///   This designation of my former profession is intentionally vague but accurate. I was never enlisted in the US Military and therefore not Special Forces as many have incorrectly inferred. But yes, the same side and homeland.

VAGABONDING   ///   This is how I live. A location independent lifestyle continuously moving from one part of the world to another for exploration, education and the occasional consulting gig.



The original name of this site is Vinjabond. A brand I came up with by combining one of my never-active code names with the word “vagabond”.

Gili Air Island Bungalow, Indonesia /// VinjatekAs in “vagabonding”. So it started as a personal travelogue site as I had retired from the agency and reinvented myself as a lifestyle traveler.

Going anywhere and living everywhere as a deliberate and permanent way of life, a modern nomad.

This site has evolved much since then. It’s become a men’s lifestyle site that focuses on the ideology, methodology, mindset and training of a covert operative to utilize in everyday life and work.

Vinjatek is an open and membership site with free and premium content but much of it is accessible without cost, except for Confidential and Secrets.

You can’t change the world, but you can change the world around you.

-John V Cain

*There are 4 types of content available with varying degrees of access. Most intel is open to the general public but with sections within it Resricted, accessible only to logged in Pro Members. Confidential intel is fully blocked to non-members and Secrets intel is only available to the highest level members.

– Vagabonding Covert Operative
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