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Covert Operative Lifestyle

A men’s lifestyle site that focuses on the ideology, methodology, mindset and tactics of a covert operative to utilize in life, work and play. The objective of the “covert operation training and urban survivalist nomad method” is utilizing these associated theories, skillsets and philosophies for a more enhanced way of life and strategically targeted professional life. To evolve oneself to become a more effectively operative and masterful man. Unlike the directive of every other urban survival guide, Vinjatek covers less on catastrophic (SHTF) scenarios / long-term cache prepping and more on the process of living and working on the daily. American patriot, former covert operative and active operations contractor - native New Yorker living globally as a nomad.
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Urban Survival Kit’ site is a Vinjatek property.     What is a covert operative?   An identity concealed personnel or “covert agent” working with or for an intelligence agency, military entity or other operational sponsor. In a clandestine or otherwise classified capacity for various objectives.     What is an urban survivalist?   A vigilant individual trained in the arts of concrete jungle tactics, strategic equipment management and interpersonal engineering to thrive in both normal daily street life and urban specific crises scenarios.     What is a nomadic lifestyle?   A mobile and location independent way of living with self-sufficiency effectiveness anywhere in the world. Not specifically for the purposes of travel or leisure, but as an explorative and dynamically off-grid way of life.     What is the gray man concept?   An individual with an urban survivalist mindset and preparedness methodology ingrained into their character and skillset. To blendingly operate optimally in society, seemingly like an average, ordinary local citizen.
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