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American patriot, former covert operative and active operations contractor – native New Yorker living globally as a nomad.

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Covert Operative Urban Survival Guide Nomadic Lifestyle Method in Kathmandu, Nepal /// Vinjatek

Covert Operation Tactics
x Urban Survivalist
+ Tradecraft Lifestyle //

    A men’s lifestyle site that focuses on the ideology, methodology, mindset and tactics of a covert operative to utilize in life, work and play.

The objective of the “covert operation training and urban survivalist nomad method” is utilizing these associated theories, skillsets and philosophies for a more enhanced way of life and strategically targeted professional life. To evolve oneself to become a more effectively operative and masterful man.

Unlike the directive of every other urban survival guide, Vinjatek covers less on catastrophic (SHTF) scenarios / long-term cache prepping and more on the process of living and working on the daily.

Remembering 9/11 at The Freedon Tower, New York City /// Vinjatek The Covert Operative

Applying the tactics and practice of a basis covert operation definition off the field to into the tackles of maneuvering regular life can make it a more efficient and effective one.

– Det Cader

*Certain sections and features of this site is accessible only to pro members with proper login credentials and authorization.

“Very knowledgeable about on the-go-living and thriving not just surviving.”

-Ronnie White

“How to live my normal life with the tradecraft skills of a covert operator. Sign me up.”

-Matt Kepnes

Covert Operative EDC Gear /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX on Train Tracks in Hanoi, Vietnam. Tradecraft and Urban Survival Skills Guide For Covert Operatives. /// Vinjatek

Vinjatek was originally established and known as ‘Vinjabond’. It’s been online since 10/2013.

•There’s a coded message on this page and if decoded, you will be rewarded with a lifetime pro membership or a full refund of its purchase if already a member. The cipher (key) can be found in the below binary text – the binary is not part of the message, it’s the key.

•An untitled tradecraft formatted covert operation lifestyle manual and urban tradecraft guide will be available to lifetime pro members upon release.

•The ‘Urban Survival Kit’ site is a Vinjatek property.

Covert Operative Urban Survival Menswear /// Vinjatek

Covert Operation Loadout // Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype /// Vinjatek

Covert Operative Dark Urban Essentials EDC Kit /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Tradecraft Kit /// Vinjatek

Tradecraft Operative Training in Kathmandu, Nepal /// Vinjatek

    What is a covert operative?   An identity concealed personnel or “covert agent” working with or for an intelligence agency, military entity or other operational sponsor. In a clandestine or otherwise classified capacity for various objectives.

    What is an urban survivalist?   A vigilant individual trained in the arts of concrete jungle tactics, strategic equipment management and interpersonal engineering to thrive in both normal daily street life and urban specific crises scenarios.

    What is a nomadic lifestyle?   A mobile and location independent way of living with self-sufficiency effectiveness anywhere in the world. Not specifically for the purposes of travel or leisure, but as an explorative and dynamically off-grid way of life.

    What is the gray man concept?   An individual with an urban survivalist mindset and preparedness methodology ingrained into their character and skillset. To blendingly operate optimally in society, seemingly like an average, ordinary local citizen.

Clandestine Travel /// John Cain on a Jet /// Vinjatek

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Nepalese Bodega in Kathmandu, Nepal /// Vinjatek

The art of survivalism is the act of adaptation.

Find what makes your heart beat faster.

Through the eyes of a trained operative you shall see, the world as it is and could be.

Be smart now, emotional later.

Variable situational enhancement and adaptation is core tradecraft definition.

You only live once, sometimes twice.

Regret is a form of motivation and inspiration, take advantage of it.

Go on journeys, not vacations.

Never tell an unnecessary lie.

Covert Operator’s Tradecraft Wristgame EDC /// Vinjatek

You can’t change the world but you can change the world around you.

Training is vital, practice is final.

Follow your dreams but always have a way back.

Early is on time, on time is late, late is death.

If a target is in range, so are you.

Live life believing the world owes you nothing.

A life nomadic is a life romantic.

You haven’t been anywhere until you’ve been to the middle of nowhere.

Seduction is almost entirely listening.


Urban Exploration Under a Bridge in Danang, Vietnam /// Vinjatek URBEX

+ Das verdeckte Operationstraining, der urbane Überlebensführer, die Technik des Spionagehandwerks und das Konzeptleben des nomadischen grauen Mannes.

Тайный сайт оперативного обучения, городского выживания и кочевого образа жизни.

التدريب السري المنطوق ، والبقاء على قيد الحياة في المناطق الحضرية ونمط الحياة البدوية.


Il sito ufficiale di addestramento operativo, sopravvivenza urbana e stile di vita nomade.

El sitio web de entrenamiento operativo encubierto, supervivencia urbana y estilo de vida nómada.


The covert operative training, urban survival guide, tradecraft lifestyle site.

은밀한 수술 훈련, 도시 생존 및 유목 생활 양식 웹 사이트.

Le site Web secret sur la formation opératoire, la survie urbaine et le style de vie nomade.

آموزش عملی پنهانی، وب سایت شیوه زندگی بومی و محلی.

Tajný operativní výcvik, městské přežití a webová stránka nomádského životního stylu.

Таємне оперативне навчання, міського виживання керівництво, техніка шпигун ремесло і кочовий сірий людина концепція способу життя веб-сайту.



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Covert Operative in a Tradecraft Jet /// Vinjatek

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