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American patriot, former covert operative and active operations contractor – native New Yorker living globally as a nomad.

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Made In The USA: Covert Operative Training /// Vinjatek

Covert Operative Urban Survival Guide Nomadic Lifestyle Method in New York City ///

Covert Operation Tactics
x Urban Survival Guide
+ Tradecraft > Nomadic //

    Vinjatek is a focus on a more decisive state of mind and being. By the deliberate application of tacticalism, nomadism, minimalism, survivalism and adventurism to everyday life.

The objective of the “covert operative training and urban survivalist nomad method” is utilizing these associated theories, skillsets and philosophies for a more enhanced way of life and strategically targeted professional life. To evolve oneself to become a more effectively operative and masterful man.

A men’s lifestyle site that focuses on the ideology, methodology, mindset and tactics of a covert operative to utilize in life, work and play.

Unlike the directive of every other urban survival guide, Vinjatek covers less on catastrophic (SHTF) scenarios / long-term cache prepping and more on the process of living and working on the daily.

Tradecraft 101 artistry /+ gray man concept.

To live deliberately with strategy and purpose, precision and preparedness, with mind and body.

Applying the tactics and practice of a basis covert operation definition off the field to into the tackles of maneuvering regular life can make it a more efficient and effective one.

– Det Cader

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Covert Operative EDC ///

Covert Operative and Urban Survival Blog

Covert Operative and Urban Survival Blog

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX on Train Tracks in Hanoi, Vietnam. Tradecraft and Urban Survival Skills Guide For Covert Operatives. /// Vinjatek

Tactical Mens Blog

“I follow lots of military life hacking and urban survival training blogs but Vinjatek is by far the most useful for anytime, anywhere… Not just for combat or defense.”

-Aaron Fields

“Very knowledgeable about on the-go-living and thriving not just surviving.”

-Ronnie White

“How to live my normal life with the spy tradecraft skills of a covert operation. Sign me up.”

-Matt Kepnes

“Some of the most strategic concepts for living a more tactical life. Can’t find this kind of info anywhere else.”

-Alicia Elle

“Best info you can have today! Learned so much from this smart man.”

-Rich Russel

“Awesome website I want it all! Everything about it is cool it has everything you need for a thrilling lifestyle that I hope to be able to enjoy one day.”

-Zach Childers

“Finally. An urban survival guide with CIA tradecraft training that I can use for ordinary daily life, not just disaster, TEOTWAWKI and life threatening situations. Street smarts!”

-George Diaz

“Travel, gear, and lifestyle intel for the discerning nomad!”

-Ronin Rankine

Urban Survival Guide for Covert Operations

Street Smart in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Tradecraft Operative Training in Kathmandu, Nepal /// Vinjatek

Street Smart Urban Survival @ Hanoi, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Urban Survival Skills

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Tactical Tradecraft and Urban Survival Skills Blog

Tradecraft Covert Operative, Urban Survivalist Nomadic Lifestyle Guide /// John Cain on a Jet /// Vinjatek

// The Covert Operative Urban Survival Guide and Nomadic Lifestyle With Tradecraft Skills Blog

    What is a covert operative?   An identity concealed personnel or “covert agent” working with or for an intelligence agency, military entity or other operational sponsor. In a clandestine or otherwise classified capacity for various objectives.

    What is an urban survival guide?   A vigilant individual trained in the arts of concrete jungle tactics, strategic equipment management and interpersonal engineering to thrive in both normal daily street life and urban specific crises scenarios.

    What is the tradecraft meaning?   A general guideline of techniques and proficiency measures as well as relevant equipment and human resources developed or adapted for use in the dexterity of intelligence operations and functionality.

    What is a nomadic lifestyle?   A mobile and location independent way of living with self-sufficiency effectiveness anywhere in the world. Not specifically for the purposes of travel or leisure, but as an explorative and dynamically off-grid way of life.

    What is the gray man concept?   An individual with an urban survivalist mindset and preparedness methodology ingrained into their character and skillset. To blendingly operate optimally in society, seemingly like an average, ordinary local citizen.

Tradecraft and Urban Survival Guide by a Covert Operative

Covert Operation and Urban Survival Skills at The Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok, Thailand /// Vinjatek

Tradecraft and Urban Survival in Saigon /// Vinjatek

Covert Operative Riding a Motorcycle Through Ninh Binh, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Covert Operation at an Abandoned Amusement Park Staircase in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Urban Survival Skills

The Tradecraft Road to Trang An, Ninh Binh, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Covert Operator at  Penang Jungle Bridge Trekking /// Vinjatek Covert Operative

Covert Operation Active Situational Awareness and Tradecraft in Giza, Egypt /// Vinjatek

Riding The Clandestine Train in Cambodia /// Vinjatek

NSA Headquarters Entrance Clandestine Operative Tradecraft /// Vinjatek

Urban Exploration Tradecraft in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Covert Operation Urban Survival at The Train Street in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Tradecraft Vinjatek

FAST Pack Scout in a desert, the White Sand Dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam. Covert Operative Survival Guide /// Vinjatek

Covert Operation With a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 in The Forest /// Vinjatek

Tactical Mens Blog and Urban Survival Skills Guide

Vinjatek was originally established and known as ‘Vinjabond’. It’s been online since 10/2013.

•As a user of the information and opinions provided by this site, you agree to use its content at your own risk. Vinjatek assumes no responsibility or liability from any potential damages incurred – legal or otherwise.

•The founder and editor of Vinjatek is John V Cain, a former covert operative of an undisclosed agency and current contractor of various private entities.

•There’s a coded message on this page and if decoded, you will be rewarded with a lifetime pro membership or a full refund of its purchase if already a member. The cipher (key) can be found in the above binary text – the binary is not part of the message, it’s the key to decode the message, hidden in this page.

*Successful Deciphers : 0021    

•An untitled tradecraft formatted covert operation lifestyle manual and urban survival guide PDF will be available to lifetime pro members upon release.

•The ‘Urban Survival Kit’ guide is a Vinjatek property.

Urban Survival Skills and Tradecraft Mens Blog by a Covert Operator

Dark Urban Essentials EDC Kit /// Vinjatek

Covert Operative Urban Survival Menswear Tradecraft /// Vinjatek

Urban Survival Kit for Tradecraft Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Kit /// Vinjatek

Covert Operative Loadout // Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype Tradecraft ///

Tactical Mens Blog

Tactical Mens Blog

Hanoi Bus Station in Vietnam /// Tradecraft by Vinjatek

Tactical Mens Blog

+ Das verdeckte Operationstraining, der urbane Überlebensführer, die Technik des Spionagehandwerks und das Konzeptleben des nomadischen grauen Mannes. Тайный сайт оперативного обучения, городского выживания и кочевого образа жизни. التدريب السري المنطوق ، والبقاء على قيد الحياة في المناطق الحضرية ونمط الحياة البدوية. 隐蔽的操作训练,城市生存和游牧生活方式网站. Il sito ufficiale di addestramento operativo, sopravvivenza urbana e stile di vita nomade. El sitio web de entrenamiento operativo encubierto, supervivencia urbana y estilo de vida nómada. 秘密の手術訓練、都市部の生存および遊牧民の生活様式のウェブサイト. The covert operation operative training, urban survival guide, tradecraft skills and nomadic gray man lifestyle site. 은밀한 수술 훈련, 도시 생존 및 유목 생활 양식 웹 사이트. Le site Web secret sur la formation opératoire, la survie urbaine et le style de vie nomade. آموزش عملی پنهانی، وب سایت شیوه زندگی بومی و محلی. Tajný operativní výcvik, městské přežití a webová stránka nomádského životního stylu. Таємне оперативне навчання, міського виживання керівництво, техніка шпигун ремесло і кочовий сірий людина концепція способу життя веб-сайту.

Urban Survival Guide by a Covert Operative



Tactical Urban Survival Guide and Skills Blog

    [Vinjatek is not affiliated with the CIA, SAS, Mossad, NIS, DGSE, FBI, MI6, NSA, CSIS, BND, SVR or any government, intelligence, military or private entity.]

    [This website does not pertain to how to become a covert operator, intelligence agent or clandestine operative – including but not limited to engaging in espionage or any type of sanctioned covert operation. Its focus is on using those skillsets and training directives (tradecraft) to shape a more deliberate lifestyle, as well as applied urban survival tactics.]

    [Details regarding any military or covert operation throughout this site have been redacted accordingly with altered names, dates, locations and objectives – the narratives however, remain mostly intact.]

    [Vinjatek is made in the United States of America.]

The Tradecraft Covert Operative and Urban Survival Guide

Urban Exploration Under a Bridge in Danang, Vietnam /// Vinjatek URBEX and Tradecraft

Lideco Bắc 32 the Ghost Town of Hanoi, Vietnam - URBEX Tools: Triple Aught Design Life Capsule and Blackscout Survival Flashlight /// Vinjatek

Covert Ops at a Vietnam Jungle with Tradecraft Measures /// Vinjatek

Floating Village of Sieam Reap, Cambodia /// Vinjatek Survivalism and Tradecraft

Tradecraft Boat Ride via Cai Rong Floating Market, Can Tho, Vietnam // FAST Pack Scout Backpack and LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian Boots /// Vinjatek

Clandestine Operation of Skulls of The Khmer Rouge Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, Phnom Penh, Cambodia /// Vinjatek

Covert Operative Training and Tradecraft at Vang Vieng Viewpoint in Laos /// Vinjatek

Kuta Beach Lombok Island Indonesia /// Urban Survival Guide and Tradecraft by Vinjatek

Boat Ride Through The Covert Operative Mekong Delta River in Vietnam /// Covert Operation by Vinjatek

Mobile Urban Survival Guide via Southeast Asia Sleeper Bus Ride in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos /// Vinjatek

LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots Wear and Tear Covert Operative Gear for Tradecraft /// Vinjatek

Sunset over Mount Agung Volcano Viewed From Gili Air Island in Indonesia /// Vinjatek

Knife on an Airplane /// Covert Operative Gear

Urban Survival Blog

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Covert Operation and Urban Survival Guide Blog

Covert Operative in a Tradecraft Jet /// Vinjatek

Tradecraft Covert Operation Blog

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