GEAR + EDC ///

GEAR /// Response Blade /// Vinjatek

An imperceptible edged tool (lapel dagger) for close quarters combat / defense companion for special circumstances.

GEAR /// CQC TOOL /// Vinjatek

A titanium pry bar multi-tool with close quarters battle (CQB) applications. Permissive, low pro and highly EDC’able.

GEAR /// Guardian Tactical Exilis Knife /// Vinjatek

A high-end / high-tech compact tactical folding knife for hard use, casual close quarters combat / defense and international carry.

GEAR /// ASP P12 Baton /// Vinjatek

The gold standard – best and most compact (without loss of effectiveness) tactical expandable baton you can get for the money.

GEAR /// SOG Dark Energy Torch /// Vinjatek

A grippingly compact yet powerful tactical / personal illumination device. Target focused blinding beam with combat capabilities.

GEAR /// Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic T-Shirt /// Vinjatek

Nimbly armored with ceramic particles to an advanced textile with active stitching, the most technical tactical t-shirt ever.

GEAR /// LALO Amphibian Shadow Boots /// Vinjatek

An all-terrain grail tactical boot. The finest, most practical and advanced footwear of this kind without going custom.



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November 2017
Launching :
November 2017