Mastering the bow is a worthy achievement that few hunters and sports shooters take up. Most hunters rely on rifles to take down animals, and shooting a target with a bow takes far more concentration than aiming a rifle sight and pulling the trigger.

Most bowhunters take to the plains with a compound bow. Compound setups make it easier to draw heavier poundages, allowing you to shoot further, with deadly force. However, purists understand that you need to go with a recurve model if you want an authentic hunting experience.

Recurve bows take away the mechanical leverage offered by compound systems, returning to a traditional shooting experience. Therefore, learning to master a recurve is like going back to our ancestors’ days as they learned to develop and use the bow and arrow for hunting.

Today, hunters use recurve bows, but they’re more common in sports archery tournaments. Sports archery has entire leagues dedicated to the recurve bow, with thousands of talented competitors. If you’re looking for a recurve bow to start your archery experience, check out this review.

We curated this list of the best recurve bows available. We have models to suit any draw strength, age, or experience level.

Our Top Picks

When choosing the best recurve bows, we reviewed dozens of listings looking for the top models. We selected ten options for this review, and these three picks represent the best of the bunch. We have recurved bows to suits any budget or experience level.

Best Pick: D&Q 56″ Takedown Recurve Bow Kit

D&Q Bow and Arrow for Adults Takedown Recurve Bows Hunting Bow Archery Set Adult Longbows Kit 56" 30-50lb Right Hand Bow Aluminum Alloy Riser for Beginner and Professional Hunting Shooting(Black,40lb
  • Durable and sturdy bow: D&Q recurve bow is made by durable aluminum alloy riser and hard maple Limbs, each joint between them is fixed with sturdy screws. Smooth edge will protect you from getting hurt.
  • Comfortable hand holding: the weight of takedown bow won't feel heavy in hand, the curvature of the handle is more conducive to the control of the bow.
  • Beginners and advanced hunters: Draw weight options ranging, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs, it will be your best bow and arrow set & hunting bow kit.
  • Upgrades available : Pre-installed brass bushings for brass plunger, stabilizer and sight/quiver, equip the bow accessories according to your needs.
  • Package listing: 1x Takedown recurve bow, 1x 5 Pin bow sight, 1x Arrow rest, 1x Bow stringer, 1x Arm guard, 1x Finger guard, 6x Arrowheads, 6x Aluminum arrows, 6x Fiberglass arrows, 1x Arrow quiver.

The D&Q 56-inch recurve bow is a fantastic choice and the winner of the best overall model in this review. This model comes with a durable aluminum riser, featuring molding for optimal hand placement and target accuracy. This model comes with adjustable draw weights ranging from 30lbs to 60lbs, making it the ideal choice for teens that want to grow into their bow. This bow comes with pre-installed brass bushings, allowing for the fitment of accessories like armrests and sights. You get a complete kit, with a quiver carry-case included with your purchase.

Premium Pick: Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Kit

Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow - Ready 2 Shoot Archery Set | INCLUDES Bow, Instructions, Premium Carbon Arrows, Recurve Bow Case, Stringer Tool, Armguard, FREE GIFT | 55 lb RH -red
  • | FOR ARCHERS WITH DRAW LENGTHS OVER 29" SPYDER XL IS RECOMMENDED | DESIGNED BY THE MAKERS OF THE SAMICK SAGE: the SWA Spyder is a improved version which has even been referred to as the Sage 2; bow length 62" 1 YEAR MANUFACTURE WARRANTY from SouthWest Archery USA.
  • IMPROVEMENTS OVER STANDARD SAGE: The hard edges of the riser (handle) and limb pockets have been rounded to provide a sleeker, lighter weight, and more comfortable experience; A layer of red wood (found in many high end recurves) has been added to the riser to make it stand out from the crowd at a impressive value; flush limb bolts provide a more streamlined look and feel. Limbs still have reinforced limb tips, and are fast flight compatible.
  • KIT INCLUDES: SWA Spyder Bow XL, Bow String, Arrow Rest, Hard Case, Stringer Tool, Armguard, 3 Premium Carbon Arrows
  • ARROWS: 31.5" with 4" feathers and inserts installed, includes 100 gr. Tips CASE: Airline Approved, lockable, includes built in broadhead wrench and compartments for accessories.
  • HAND ORIENTATION: A right handed bow will be held in your left hand and the string pulled with the right hand. Left handed bows are held in the right hand and pulled with the left hand.

The Spyder XL is the winner of the best premium model in this review. You get a professional recurve bow, a complete accessory kit, and a lockable TSA-approved flight case. This model comes with a 64-inch length and a 55lb draw. This model is the upgrade to the successful Sage 2 bow, making it a top choice for professional sports shooters and hunters. You get a redwood riser for extra durability and composite limbs for extra resilience and high-performance.

Budget Pick: Bear Bullseye X Youth Recurve Bow

Bear Archery Bullseye X Recurve 29 lb Youth Bow – 62", White/Brown (A6BEX6229R)
  • A Take-Down bow designed for older, more experienced children
  • Recommended age range for children is 12 years old and up
  • Right-hand only riser offers sight and arrow rest mounting holes
  • Each piece of bow is made from a hardy, lightweight multi-laminate
  • This recurve bow package includes arrow rest and string nock

Teens looking for the best starter bow will get the best value from this Bear Bullseye model. You get a takedown design with a 62-inch length and an ergonomic wood riser for enhanced accuracy from your shots. This model comes with an affordable price tag and high performance for hunting or on the target range. You get an arrow rest, and string nock included with your purchase and right or left-handed use of the bow.

Recurve Bow Reviews

A recurve bow is a formidable weapon to master. Having the right model in your quiver determines your progress with the bow. If you get an inferior quality bow, it slows your learning progress and teaches you bad habits.

After reading through our top picks, let’s unpack them in detail. This section will go into depth on pour top models and look at other choices that qualify for the best recurve bow.

D&Q 56″ Takedown Recurve Bow Kit

This D&Q 56-inch takedown recurve bow wins our award for the best overall model in this review. This model is a great choice for bowhunters and enthusiasts looking for professional-level equipment. You get a high-strength riser, featuring design and construction with lightweight materials.

The ergonomic handgrip on the riser provides steady shooting and improved accuracy. The riser comes with an aluminum construction that feels good in your hands, providing the bow with excellent balance. This model comes with a 16-strand Dracon bowstring, featuring imported materials for long service life.

The D&Q takedown recurve bow features multiple draw poundage’s, allowing custom adjustment to your strength level. The bow limbs come with easy fitment and construction with laminated hardwood maple in the center and a fiberglass coating for added strength and resilience.

Your set comes with the following.

  • Takedown recurve bow
  • 5-Pin bow sight
  • Arrow rest
  • Bow stringer
  • Armguard
  • Finger guard
  • Arrow quiver
  • 6x Arrowhead
  • 6x Aluminum arrow
  • 6x Fiberglass arrow

This model comes with a carry case include, but it’s not TSA-approved.

What We Liked
  • Durable aluminum riser
  • 56-inch size with takedown design
  • Hardwood maple limbs
  • Smooth edge avoids injury
  • Multiple draw weight options
  • Pre-installed brass bushings
  • 12 arrows and six arrowheads included
  • Streamlined carry case included
  • Easy assembly

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Southwest Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Kit

This Spyder XL model wins our award for the best premium recurve bow in this review. This model comes as a complete kit, featuring the following components.

  • SWA Spyder Bow XL
  • Bow String
  • Arrow Rest
  • Hard Case
  • Stringer Tool
  • Armguard
  • 3x Premium Carbon Arrows

This 62-inch professional recurve bow is a great choice for hunting and sports shooting applications. This model is the updated version of the infamous Samick Sage bow, Southwests’ leading recurve model.

With the Spyder XL, you get a 55lb draw capacity, making it the ideal choice for bow enthusiasts and hunters with draw-lengths over 29-inches. This model is a great upgrade over the Samick Sage, providing rounded edges on the riser and limb pockets, producing a sleeker look and less weight to the bow.

The riser includes a redwood layer for a premium look and additional performance. You get flush limb bolts for an eye-pleasing aesthetic, and they are fast-flight compatible.

The Spyder XL comes as a complete kit, and you get a lockable airline case, TSA-approved for travel.

What We Liked
  • Sturdy plastic carry case
  • 62-inch size with takedown design
  • Streamlined riser motions
  • Attractive hardwood handle
  • 3 carbon arrows included
  • Full accessory kit included
  • 1-year warranty

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Bear Bullseye X Youth Recurve Bow

If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level bow for your kids, this Bear Bullseye model is an excellent and affordable choice. You get a premium design, a fantastic price tag, and top-quality materials used to construct this recurve.

The takedown design makes it easy to take apart and assemble, and it makes a great choice for kids older than 12-years. This model comes with a right-handed riser only, so it’s not suitable for left-handed shooters.

You get a large 62-inch length, with lightweight, laminate limbs for extra performance. This model comes with an arrow rest and string nock, with pre-installed arrow rest holes. It’s the ideal bow for young teens transitioning into a model with a harder draw and a full-size feel.

What We Liked
  • An excellent choice for kids and teens
  • 62-inch length
  • Riser comes with sight rest and mounting holes
  • Takedown design
  • Affordable
  • Hardwood handle

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SAS Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Travel Kit

This SAS Sage model is a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current bow to a professional-grade model. The SAS Sage comes with the following items included in your kit.

  • SAS Sage Bow
  • Bowstring and stringer
  • Arrow rest
  • Flight case with foam cut-outs
  • Made in the USA
  • Leather suede arm guard and finger tab
  • Paper targets

You get a 62-inch takedown design with this model, and it’s possible to purchase limbs separately to adjust the length and draw poundage. The SAS comes with olive Dymondwood hard maple and laminated fiberglass limbs, providing superior performance and excellent resilience.

The bow comes with preinstalled brass bushings for your brass plunger and arrow rest. The hardwood riser features an ergonomic grip for better wrist alignment on your target.

This model includes a full accessory kit, including a TSA-approved flight case for traveling to competitions or hunting trips.

What We Liked
  • 62-inch takedown design
  • Dymondwood and hard maple laminated riser
  • Pre-installed brass bushings
  • Metal limb pocket design
  • Multi-handed options available
  • Full accessory kit included
  • Hard flight case included

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D&Q 53” Archery Traditional Recurve Bow

This D&Q model is the traditional junior sibling of the model that winds the best recurve bow in this review. You get a lightweight and sturdy recurve bow, including a complete accessory kit featuring the following components.

  • Recurve bow
  • Bow bag and arrow quiver
  • Armguard
  • Finger glove
  • Bow stringer
  • 2x String nocks
  • 6x Wooden arrows

This bow features a traditional design, meaning it doesn’t have the takedown arms that you get with the other premium models in this review. The riser also has a simple look, with nothing like the ergonomic design we see in takedown models.

However, for bow purists, a traditional bow offers the ultimate bowhunting experience, getting you back to the weapon’s origins. You get a maximum draw length of 33-inches, with a smooth draw and high-performance shooting, thanks to the fiberglass frame.

What We Liked
  • 53-inch takedown design
  • 45lb draw weight
  • Full accessory kit
  • Right or left-handed use
  • Affordable quality
  • Traditional riser

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AF Archery Turkish Bow Short Bow

Bowhunting purists will love this stunning traditional model from AF Archery. One look at this gorgeous piece of craftsmanship, and you’ll fall in love with its exquisite beauty. This Turkish model comes with a wood-laminated fiberglass frame, providing an authentic touch to the bow’s final design aesthetic.

This model comes with a traditional leather grip, and the bow feels remarkably stable in your hands, with a steady draw and excellent resilience off the draw. You get a 35lb draw, making this recurve a good choice for target practice and close-range hunting.

With the AF Archery Turkish bow, you get high-quality materials blended with a stylish design for a fantastic recurve bow offering outstanding traditional performance. This model is as much of a showpiece as it is a functional ow, and it makes for a great prop.

What We Liked
  • Traditional bow design
  • High-quality design materials
  • 45-inch length
  • Ashwood riser and limbs
  • Horse leather pull-up

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Southwest Archery Tigershark Pro Takedown 62″ Recurve Hunting Bow

This 62-inch takedown recurve bow from Southwest Archery is a fantastic choice for hunting or target shooting. This model comes with adjustable draw weights from 25lbs to 60lbs, allowing for use by youth shooters to advanced competitors.

You get an ambidextrous riser set up, allowing for right or left-handed use. This model includes an ergonomic riser design, locking your wrist into the riser for stable targeting and a steady shot. The riser on the Tigershark Pro features design and construction with hard-carved hardwood, forming a tiger-stripe pattern.

This model comes with reinforced limb tips, providing compatibility with Flemish and fast-light strings. The Tigershark Pro comes with pin-locking technology, allowing precise limb placement for accurate shots. You get pre-installed bushings for accessories like mechanical rests and plungers, as well as quivers, sights, and even fishing reels.

What We Liked
  • 62-inch takedown design
  • Right and left-handed draw
  • Multiple draw weights
  • Attractive hardwood riser
  • Precision pin-locking technology
  • 14 strand Dacron string

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PSE Archery Pro Max Takedown Recurve Bow Set

This PSE Archery recurve bow features a takedown design with fiberglass reinforced limbs and a 62-inch length for high-performance professional use. This model features a hardwood riser with ergonomic hand positioning. This setup locks your wrist into the shot, improving your accuracy with the bow.

This model comes with a 25lb pull and a takedown design with easy assembly. You get attractive and functional diamond wood construction, with composite limbs, and three carbon arrows included with your purchase.

The PSE Archery Pro comes with an adjustable sight for easier targeting, as well as a quiver, armguard, finger-savers, and a recurve stringer. This kit is a great choice for youth shooters stepping up to a larger platform.

What We Liked
  • User-friendly design
  • 62-inch takedown design
  • Reduced draw weight for beginners (15lb to 35lb)
  • Three 28-inch carbon arrows included
  • Efficient mar-resistant grippers
  • Accessory kit included
  • Threading pin included

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Southland Archery Supply Sage Junior 58″ Recurve Bow

This model from Southland Archery is the ideal recurve bow for youths. Featuring a riser based on the Samick Sage design, this recurve offers superior shot control and accuracy for newbie archers.

The riser frame features design and construction from white oak, diamond wood, and maple. The limbs feature hard Maplewood and fiberglass materials for excellent resilience and top-level performance.

This recurve bow comes with pre-installed brass bushing for plungers, rests, and other accessories. You get phenolic reinforced limbs, allowing for stringing with Flemish or Fast-flight strings.

This Southland Archery model comes with a 58-inch length, suiting archers up to 5.5’, with a maximum draw range of 28-inches. This model also comes with a Dracon string and two stick-on arrow rests.

What We Liked
  • Upgrade to the popular Samick Sage model
  • Hardwood riser
  • 62-inch takedown design
  • 28-inch draw length
  • Dracon strings
  • Brass plunger and stabilizer sight

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PSE ARCHERY Kingfisher 56″ Recurve Bow

If you’re heading out to the lake, take this PSE Kingfisher model with you. This recurve bow comes with a fishing-specific design, featuring a 66-foot fishing line attached to the riser’s mounted reel. This model comes with one fish-stick arrow and a 60-pound line that capable of bringing in large fish.

This model comes with a 56-inch length and a tide chaser rest with finger savers. This model comes with a DK’d camo pattern to keep the fish distracted and high-viz colors to find it if it falls in the water.

This model is a top choice for a fishing bow and a great addition to your camping gear. It’s suitable for use by professionals and newbies, with a user-friendly setup.

What We Liked
  • Suitable for fishing
  • 56-inch length
  • Drum reel with a 66-foot line
  • DK’D camo pattern on limbs
  • Multi-use design
  • Accessory kit included

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow (45 LB., Right)
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Samick’s risers are manufactured with imported Maple wood, for lightweight and highly durable bows, with a comfortable ergonomic grip.
  • FEATURES - Pre-installed threaded Brass Bushings for various attachments and upgrades, such as, Brass Plunger, Stabilizer, Sight, Quiver, Bow fishing reel.
  • HAND ORIENTATION - Right Handed - Hold the bow with your LEFT hand and pull the string with your RIGHT. Left Handed - Hold the bow with your RIGHT hand and pull the string with your LEFT.
  • INCLUDES: Riser - 2 Fiberglass laminated limbs (Choose from 25 lbs - 60 lbs draw) - 14 dacron bowstring - arrow rest. Limbs are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.
  • THE CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS - SAMICK products are well proven by archery champions throughout the world in records. Our professional staff and high quality manufacturing system produces high performance products.
Bestseller No. 2
TOPARCHERY Archery 60" Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow Set for Adults Practice Competition Longbow Kit with 6pcs Fiberglass Arrows Right Hand Black (50.00)
  • 🎯【Extremely Powerful Bow and Arrow for Adults】 This hunting wooden recurve bow was specially designed and upgraded from TOPARCHERY, the riser has been innovated combining multiple naturally sourced woods by lamination technology to create the striking bow.
  • 🎯【Specification of Archery Takedown Recurve Bow】Total length: 60", length of string: 57". Brace Height: 7-8 ", Draw Weight (lbs.): 30-50lbs.
  • 🎯【Outstanding performance】 The bows speed is great, have an extremely accurate shot and easy draw. The arrow fly's off very smoothly and fly absolutely blazingly fast, suitable for almost all hunter archers to practice marksmanship. It is so much fun and very relaxing, you can shoot longer without as much fatigue.
  • 🎯【High Quality Material】Bow string made of high quality natural tire line, more delicate and durable, rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle which suit for beginner and professional archer. design for Right-Handed shooter, perfect for outdoor competition hunting traning shooting target practice sport games.
  • 🎯【Recurve Bow Set Includes】1 pc Takedown Recurve bow, 6 pcs Fiberglass Arrows, 1 pc string sliencer, 1 pc Arm Guard, 1 pc Hand Guard, 1 pc Bowstringer Tool, 1 pc Arrow Case.
Bestseller No. 3
TIDEWE Recurve Bow and Arrow Set for Adult & Youth Beginner, Wooden Takedown Recurve Bow 62" Right Handed with Ergonomic Design for Outdoor Training Practice (20lbs)
  • 【High Performance】TideWe’s Recurve Bow features a reliable wooden core and strong fiberglass & wooden limbs. In addition, we provide a powerful 16 strands daclon fabric bow string. This way you can focus more on successfully hitting your targets.
  • 【Ergonomic & Unique Design】 The riser is designed with rounded edges and a fine finished handle, making it very comfortable to hold. This comfort will allow you to have the best experience shooting multiple arrows or for extending amounts of time. Our design is also appealing to the eye making it unique in its own ways.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Versatility】 This recurve bow is very friendly to put together. While following the easy to read instructions, set up can take less than 5 minutes. Our bow offers pre-installed brass bushings for various attachments and upgrades such as, stabilizers, sight, quiver, and bow fishing reels.
  • 【User-Friendly】 TideWe’s bow provides multiple accessories, including an arrow rest, finger guard, target, bow stringer, 6 pcs carbon arrows with removable field tips, and more. Created with removable limbs this bow can also be stored in various ways for easy storage.
  • 【100% Customer Satisfaction】 Your Satisfaction is Our Goal. Please contact us if you encounter any problems before or after your purchase. Our professional customer service team will reply as soon as possible.
Bestseller No. 4
STEINBRÜCKE Recurve Bow and Arrow Adult - Traditional Wood Takedown Recurve Bow with Lightweight Design, 54” Right Handed Archery Bow for Adults, Youth, Beginner Hunting, Training Practice (30lbs)
  • [Extremely Durable & Powerful]: The riser is made from solid beech. It’s exceptionally well-polished, ergonomic and comfortable to hold. Even if your palm is slightly sweaty you will still maintain a very steady grip at full draw. The limbs as well as limb-tips are strengthened with fiberglass. Even after years of heavy use, these limbs are highly unlikely to splinter.
  • [Detachable & Portable]: The archery recurve bow features take-down construction which means you can quickly and easily remove the limbs from the riser and very easy to transport anywhere you want. The whole procedure is really simple and doesn’t take more than a minute to complete.
  • [Lightweight Design]: At 1.75 pounds, its weight is pretty average. You’re definitely not going to have trouble aiming it for extended periods of time even with weaker shoulders.
  • [Superb Stability & Amazing Versatility]: The arrow rest is cushioned with bear hair which does not wear down with time and provides superb arrow stability. This bow comes in two different draw weights(30lbs 40lbs), you can use it to do anything you want - indoor and outdoor target practice, open-field and forest hunting.
  • [Warranty]: 100% money back guaranteed. If you meet some problems, please contact us, a new replacement will be on the way immediately.
Bestseller No. 5
Archery Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set for Adults Practice Hunting Long Bow Kit for Outdoor Shooting Training Right Hand (40 LBS)
  • BOW: the material is made of aluminum alloy, easy to maintain the gloss of color after long use, not easy to lose color and corrosion.
  • ARROWS: Offer accurate position and high stability to the arrows, not easy to fall off, the arrow feathers made of natural rubber, soft and flexible, never damage the bow when shooting.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: The light weight riser is ergonomically designed with rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle which will allow you to have your best experience while aiming on your target at your practise shooting or competition game.
  • THE PACKAGE IN CLUDES: 1 X Takedown Recurve Bow, 12 X arrows, 1 X Bow Stabilizer, 2 X String Nocks, 1 X Finger Tab, 1 X Arm Guard, 3 X Target Paper, 1 X Arrow Quiver, 1 X Brush Capture Arrow, 1 X Bow Stringer Tool.
  • If you receive the product with installation problems or any other problems, please contact us , and we will do our best to solve it for you.

Recurve Bow Buyer’s Guide

This section unpacks what to look for in a recurve bow.

What are the Different Types of Recurve Bows?

There are two types of recurve bows available in this review.

  • Modern Recurve – The modern recurve bow features a riser, limbs, and strings. Most models come with a takedown design, allowing you to disassemble the components for easy transportation and storage. However, the riser is the biggest difference in modern recurve designs. You get an ergonomic grip and compatibility with accessories like buttons, sights, and stabilizer bars.
  • Traditional recurve – The conventional recurve bow is the original hunting and defense bow used until the era of modern warfare weapons. It features a plain riser and one-piece assembly. The traditional bow lacks the “3” shape of the modern takedown variant.

What are the Elements of a Recurve Bow?

Here are a few tips to help you settle on the right recurve bow for your archery needs.

The Riser

The riser is the powerhouse of your bow and the element of the weapon requiring the greatest consideration. The riser forms the foundation of your recurve bow. It acts as the hub connecting your body to the bow.

Therefore, you need a riser featuring design and construction with top-quality materials. Look for risers with hardwoods like Maple Diamon wood and redwood for optimal performance. Your riser can work with other limbs, and it’s the part of the bow that stays with you’re the longest throughout your archery career.

When selecting your riser, it’s critical to look for an ergonomic design. The riser should push your wrist into a locked position when targeting with the bow. This turning action helps to secure your wrist for an accurate shot.

Risers are typically the most expensive part of the bow. However, they don’t always need wooden construction. Some risers feature design and construction with lightweight aluminum for a long-lasting finish.

The riser needs to offer the archer stability in the shot and excellent balance of the bow in your hands. Take time to consider your riser’s weight, contours, and geometry before settling on your purchase.

Bow Limbs

For beginner archers, it’s important to focus on building your skillset with the bow. The limbs on your bow play the biggest role in determining the draw poundage and the bow performance. However, it takes time to build the poundage in your bow.

You’ll need to start with a 20lb limb and work your way up to a 60lb limb. Beginning with a heavy limb causes you to build bad habits in your form that delay your progress.

The chances are that beginners will outgrow limbs in a few months, needing to progress to the next poundage. Therefore, you’ll need to consider that when making your purchase.


Your bowstrings come in various thicknesses and lengths to suit your bow size. Thicker strings are suitable for use in bows with higher poundage’s. They offer slower loading ties, but thicker strings are the better choice for hunting applications.

It’s important to use a tied nocking point for your strings. A brass nocking point wears down the finger tabs and strings faster.

You might notice that strings come in various colors. However, the color is not an indicator of the properties of the string. Most competitive archers choose a white string. Hunters might prefer darker strings to blend into their surroundings.


Purists might argue that using a sight on a bow takes away from the purity of the weapon. However, if you’re a sports shooter or hunter, you’ll find that a shooting sight is an essential piece of kit for your bow. Your shooting sight allows accurate targeting in all weather conditions, improving your performance.

It’s important to invest in a good quality sight from the start. Cheaper sights eventually come loose and start rattling, affecting the accuracy of the accessory.

Rests and Buttons

The rests for your bow come in plastic, magnetic, or fixed versions. However, we recommend going with metal rest, as they provide the longest service life. Beginners might find them challenging to learn on, but they provide a better experience for advanced archers.

However, plenty of professionals shoot with plastic rests, and there are plenty of records set using plastic variants. The button on your bow is essentially a spring pushing the arrow away from the riser as it moves over the rest in flight.

The button allows for precision adjustment of the arrow flight path when paired with the rest, providing optimal flight paths.


Your bow might come with accessory attachments for stabilizers. Stabilizers are long or short rods extending from the riser. They act as a counterweight, reducing the recoil in the shot.

Many beginners struggle with managing shot dynamics. They flinch or dip up or down when making the shot, causing elevation or a drop on the riser. As a result, they get inaccuracies in shots, and that gets frustrating.

Adding stabilizer bars can resolve this problem. However, purists argue that the archer relies on the stabilizer, reinforcing back habits in your body mechanics.

Some bows require stabilizer bars to balance the weight of the bow. However, most recurves come with a balanced design, and bow stabilizers are more common on compound models.


Arrows are an essential part of your recurve bow setup. When you’re starting, go with the low-coast arrow types, like aluminum or cheaper aluminum/carbon hybrid arrows. These arrows offer the best performance for a beginner budget.

The arrow spine is a measurement of the poundage you’re pulling at the max draw length. You’ll need to check this measurement against manufacturer charts. These numbers also change when you switch limbs on the bow.

Choose an arrow fletch with vanes in bright colors for indoor shooting. Bright vanes also help with tracking an animal in the field. Plastic vanes are an affordable choice for beginners. However, as you progress, you’ll want to move to spin wings.

When ordering your arrows, pick up extra fletching’s and nocks to help you repair your broken arrows.

Finger Tabs

Look for a recurve bow that comes with finger tabs. They should feature a structured design with a shelf or finger divider. If these features don’t come standard with your model, it should offer you the option of adding them.

As you improve with your archery, you’ll need to start implementing these tools in your training. Both feel very strange when using them for the first time. However, you’ll quickly adjust to them and wonder how you ever shot without them.

Other Recurve Bow Accessories

  • Armguard – Protects your forearm from the bowstring
  • Chestguard – Protects your chest from the bowstring
  • Quiver – Lets you stack your arrows on the bow
  • Bag or tackle box – For additional arrowheads and maintenance accessories
  • Bow stand – Store your bow out the way when not in use
  • Arrow puller – An essential tool if your archery club uses straw boss targets
  • String wax – For faster reloads
  • Fingersling – For better pull and release of the bowstring

Recurve Bow FAQs

Is a recurve bow a good beginner choice?

Yes, and no. If you want to avoid hours of frustration, then skip the recurve and go for a compound. However, if you’re a purist and want to start your bow education, mastering the recurve bow is the best place to build your archery skillset.

What’s better, a recurve or longbow?

The “3” shaped design of the recurve bow offers you more power in the shot from the same pull. The recurve riser’s ergonomic handle also helps lock your wrist into the shot, improving your accuracy.

How far does a 50lb recurve bow shoot?

With a 50lb receive bow, you can expect an effective shooting distance of up to 50-feet with full extension of the string. After 40-yards, the power in the shot drops off dramatically. If you’re aiming at a hunting target, make sure you’re within 40-feet for an accurate kill shot.

Where can I buy the best recurve bow?

We recommend picking up your recurve vow from Amazon. Amazon has the best range of recurves and the lowest prices. If you sign up for an Amazon  Prime account, you benefit from fast, free shipping to your door. Amazon also offers buyer protection on all your orders and hassle-free returns.

Recurve Bows – The Verdict

Hunting or archery practice with a recurve bow is a change from a compound setup, and it takes some getting used to before you get your accuracy back. However, if you manage to master the recurve, you’ll find your accuracy with the compound increases tremendously.

After reading through the best recurve bow reviews, you probably have your eye on a few models. If you’re battling with your purchase decision, why not rely on one of our top picks?

The D&Q 56″ Takedown Recurve Bow Kit is our top choice for the best recurve bow on this review. This model includes a takedown bow with a hardwood riser and composite limbs. You get adjustable draw poundages, and a complete accessory kit with a carry case included.

The Spyder XL Takedown Recurve Bow Kit is another great choice for a professional recurve bow. This model also comes with a complete accessory kit, including a lockable TSA-approved flight case for traveling on hunting trips or to tournaments. You get a strong bow, with a 55lb draw, ergonomic hardwood riser, and composite limbs for outstanding performance on the range or in the field.

The Bear Bullseye X Youth Recurve Bow is our top choice for teens looking for their first step-up bow. Teaching your kid how to manage a traditional recurve bow before starting with a compound teaches them vital basic bow skills. This model comes with a complete accessory kit, and you get a takedown design with a 35lb draw.


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