When military operators and law enforcement operators go out in the field, they rely on their gear for protection. From bulletproof vests to boots, every item you carry needs to serve a function. Tactical gloves are an indispensable piece of kit; they protect your hands from accidents and damage.

Think about it for a second; what good are you without your hands? It would make sense that you give them the same protection and your feet. Tactical gloves provide a barrier between your hands and the environment, giving you protection for combat and tactical scenarios.

However, civilians can benefit from having a pair of tactical gloves in their gear as well. Tactical gloves come in handy in a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you’re visiting the shooting range or heading out to the trails with your motorbike, tactical gloves are good for protection.

There are dozens of brands offering tactical gloves. You get them in different styles and colors for purpose-built user functionality. Some provide more hand protection than others, and some models focus more on finger function and flexibility than combat readiness.

Choosing the right pair of tactical gloves requires you to understand your needs for this equipment. In this review of the best tactical gloves, we’ll look at the top models available. We picked our top choices from dozens of brands and hundreds of models to bring you the best-of-the-best.

Our buyer’s guide will unpack the details, features, and functionality of tactical gloves. Use the information to help you settle on the right design for your tactical needs.

Our Top Picks

Choosing the right pair of tactical gloves requires some thought and investigation. We picked out three of our top ten models for the best choices in this review.

There is a pair of gloves to suit any tactical requirements and budget. If you want to skip out on the rest of this review, you can rely on our top picks for the best selection.

Best Pick: Mechanix Wear MultiCam M-Pact

Mechanix Wear: M-Pact MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves (Large, Camouflage)
  • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guard and finger guards protect against impact.
  • Form-fitting TrekDry with MultiCam camouflage helps keep your hands cool and comfortable.
  • Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides added durability.
  • D3O palm padding absorbs and dissipates high-impact energy through the palm.
  • Machine washable.

When real military operators and law enforcement officers need a pair of tactical gloves, they turn to Mechanix Wear for their equipment. This brand makes some of the best tactical gear available, with several glove models.

Premium Pick: Oakley Factory Pilot Glove

Oakley Men's Factory Pilot Glove, Black, Large
  • Full-grain leather palm
  • Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction
  • Protective gear gloves
  • Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability
  • Unobtainium surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip, plus textured pull for easy donning.

If you’re looking for the best premium tactical gloves available, we recommend going with the Oakley Factory Pilot. These gloves have full-grain leather palms, with carbon fiber protection on the knuckles.

Budget Pick: Seibertron Tactical Gloves

Seibertron T.T.F.I.G 2.0 Men's Tactical Military Gloves Flexible Rubber Knuckle Protective for Combat Hunting Hiking Airsoft Paintball Motorcycle Motorbike Riding Outdoor Gloves Black L
  • Method for choosing the size,According to palm circumference not including thumb refer to left size chart. XS(6.7"-7.1",17cm-18cm) S(7.1"-7.7",18cm-19.5cm) M(7.7"-8.3",19.5cm-21cm)L(8.3"-8.9",21cm-22.5cm) XL(8.9"-9.5",22.5cm-24cm)XXL(9.5"-10",24cm-25.5cm)
  • Fingerless on Thumb,index and middle fingers, convenient for using smart devices which requiring fingerprint unlocking
  • TPR wrist closure provides light protection and a seamless fit to your wrist. Seamless 0.8mm synthetic leather provides the perfect blend of dexterity and durability.
  • The patented Thermoplastic Rubber impact protection protects the back of your hand from impact and abrasion injuries in the field.
  • Supper grip palm padding absorbs impact through your palm and reduces hand fatigue in the field.

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective pair of tactical gloves, this Seibertron model is a great choice. You get a minimalist design, with knuckle and finger padding. The gloves’ streamlined design makes them ideal for use on the firearms range, with grippy palms and fingers.

Tactical Gloves Reviews

Now that you have an idea of the best tactical gloves in this review let’s unpack them in further detail. We’ll look at a few other models we think are contenders for the best models. Choose the gloves that are right for you and your tactical needs.

If you need some help choosing the best option, check out our buyer’s guide section. We’ll help you settle on the best tactical gloves for any activity.

Mechanix Wear MultiCam M-Pact

When military operators and SWAT need the best tactical gloves, they turn to brands like Mechanix. This trusted brand produces some of the best tactical gloves in the world. With this MultiCam M-Pact model, you get the best overall all-terrain tactical glove in this review.

The design and construction of these gloves feature lightweight, breathable mesh for high airflow. Your hands never feel sweaty inside the gloves, and the textured fingers allow for easy use of knives, firearms, and hunting gear.

The D30 padding on the palms makes them a solid choice for impact protection, with TrekDry materials for water resistance. These gloves are machine washable for convenient cleaning.

What We Liked
  • Top brand trusted by military and law enforcement
  • Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle guards
  • D30 palm padding for impact absorption
  • Fingertip reinforcement for durability
  • Machine washable
  • Form-fitting TrekDry material
  • MultiCam camouflage design
  • Adjustable wrist strap

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Oakley Factory Pilot Glove

If you’re looking for the best premium tactical gloves in this review, we recommend the Oakley Pilot. These tactical gloves feature full-grain leather construction on the palms for cut resistance and fall protection.

You get rubber vented fingers and mesh materials for a breathable and stretchable fit. These gloves have a slimline form factor, with carbon fiber knuckle pads for self-defense and impact protection.

The Oakley Pilot features unobtanium material on the palms and fingertips, giving you a glove that grips well.

The mesh zones on the glove provide a snug fit, with a weather-resistant design that keeps your hands dry. These gloves are a great choice for an all-terrain model focusing on top-level performance.

What We Liked
  • Oakley is a premium brand
  • Full-grain leather palms for protection
  • Carbon fiber knuckle pad for protection and self-defense
  • Vented fingers for a breathable design
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Mesh zones for form-fitting comfort
  • Unobtanium surfacing for extra grip on palms and fingertips
  • Available in different colors

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Seibertron Tactical Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of cheaper tactical gloves, Seibertron has an affordable and effective option. These gloves win our top choice for the best budget buy in this review. You get a slimline form factor, with light padding on the fingers and knuckles.

These gloves have a snug fit with a slimline form factor and high-quality materials. The Velcro wrist strap allows you to adjust the fit, with the palms and fingertips featuring grip enhancement. The value in these gloves is excellent, and they make a good choice for shooting gloves.

The Seibertron tactical gloves feature design and construction with synthetic leather palms for cut resistance, and a polyester and nylon weave for strength and water resistance.

What We Liked
  • Affordable and good value
  • Slimline form-factor
  • Textured fingertips and palms for grip
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Padding on knuckles and fingers for protection
  • Lightweight and durable

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Condor Tactician Tactile Gloves

Condor makes some excellent tactical products, and these gloves are a great choice. The Condor Tactician Tactile glove features design and construction with top-quality goatskin leather.

The leather provides cut and heat resistance while preventing abrasions in slip-and-falls. The Condors features a spandex and neoprene design that stretches and contours to your hand for a comfortable grip. This model includes an adjustable wrist strap for customizable comfort.

You also get TouchTec nanotechnology providing extra grip on the palms and fingertips of these gloves. The minimalist padding design is great for use on the shooting range and downhill mountain biking.

What We Liked
  • Premium tactical brand
  • Available in four colors
  • Full-grain goatskin leather palms
  • TouchTec Nanotechnology for extra grip
  • Spandex and neoprene construction for snug form-factor
  • Stretchable back-hand panel
  • Good airflow and breathability
  • Minimalist padding on knuckles

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PIG Tactical Delta Utility Gloves

Real military operators put these PIG Delta gloves through their paces on the range. You get optimal dexterity with these gloves and a full range of motion. If you rely more on water resistance and cut protection than combat, these gloves are a top choice.

With the PIG Delta Utility glove, you get a choice of five color combinations and a barehand shooting feel to the glove. You get light knuckle and finger padding, with only a single layer over your trigger finger. This design gives you ultimate sensitivity and accuracy while shooting.

What We Liked
  • Proven in combat scenarios by US Special Ops
  • Compatible with touch screens
  • Good choice for shooting gloves
  • Comfortable, breathable fit
  • Good range-of-motion and flexibility
  • Attractive MultiCam design
  • Available in 6-colors

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FREETOO Knuckle Tactical Gloves

These FREETOO tactical gloves are a great choice for combat and rugged hand protection. They feature a tough, PVC knuckle pad with plenty of padding.

The fingers of the gloves have an air-vent design for breathability, and you get an adjustable wrist strap for operator comfort.

The slimline, ergonomic form factor of these gloves is fantastic, with a coated palm for enhanced grip. The palms feature design with durable microfiber leather for cut-resistance and burn protection.

What We Liked
  • Cut-proof design with impact resistance
  • PVC padded knuckle protection
  • Rubber vents in fingers for breathability
  • Mesh weave design for flexibility and airflow
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Good choice for combat gloves
  • Available in three color choices

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Mechanix The Original Covert Glove

Mechanix gets a second mention in this review for the Original Covert model. These tactical gloves feature a slimline form-factor with a snug fit. The water-resistant design keeps your hands dry, and the minimalist feel makes them a good choice for shooting gloves.

You get a hook-and-loop closure system, with a nylon web-loop for convenient storage. The adjustable wrist strap provides a customizable fit, and you get TrekDry material for breathable and stretchable fabric.

What We Liked
  • Thermo Plastic Rubber
  • Hook and loop closure system
  • Seamless single-layer palms
  • Nylon web-loop for convenient storage
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Good choice for shooting gloves
  • Slimline form-factor with a snug design

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WTACTFUL Tactical Gloves

These tactical gloves are an affordable alternative to the Oakley Pilot model. With the WTACTFUL gloves, you get a durable synthetic palm that’s cut-resistant and top-quality reinforced stitching.

The microfiber design provides a snug fit, with a similar unobtanium grip finish on the palm and fingers as the Oakley’s.

The fingers feature good padding and rubberized air-vents for airflow through the gloves. You get a PVC knuckle guard for striking and hand protection. These gloves come in four color choices.

What We Liked
  • Microfiber design for a snug fit
  • Reinforced palm stitching for rugged use
  • Rubberized finger vents and mesh material for optimal airflow
  • Synthetic palms for grip and cut protection
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • The grip on fingertips for non-slip functionality
  • Available in four color choices
  • Affordable

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Ironclad EXOT Tactical Gloves

These Ironclad tactical gloves provide an affordable and effective solution for hand protection. The minimalist and slimline design feature padding around the fingers and knuckles for protection.

The gloves feature design and construction with stretch nylon and polyester materials, providing a comfortable and weather-resistant fit.

You get an EXO embossed palm for added grip and neoprene knuckle protection. These gloves come in four different colors, with an adjustable wrist strap for operator comfort.

You get a suede cuff puller with these gloves and a terry-cloth sweat wipe located conveniently at the back of the thumb.

What We Liked
  • Affordable
  • Neoprene knuckle protection
  • EXO embossed palm for grip
  • Terry-cloth sweat wipe
  • Suede cuff pull
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Available in four colors

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FREETOO Short-Finger Tactical Gloves

These FREETOO tactical gloves are the fingerless model of the same gloves we covered earlier in this review.

You get all the advantages of the other FREETOO tactical gloves, with the advantage of open fingertips. Unless you’re working at night, in cold weather, or the wet, fingertip’s on your gloves might not always be necessary.

With these gloves, you get an open-finger design, along with air-vented fingers. The PVC knuckle plate and padding provide plenty of protection, and the textured palm with synthetic leather provides cut-resistance.

What We Liked
  • PVC padded knuckles for protection
  • Short-finger design
  • Vented fingers and mesh design for airflow
  • Cut-proof dual-layer synthetic leather palm
  • Anti-skid gridding on palms for grip
  • Reinforced double stitching for rugged use

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Glove Station The Combat Military Police Outdoor Sports Tactical Rubber Knuckle Gloves for Men, Tan, Large Size, 1-Pair
  • [Knuckle Protection to the MAX] - Reinforced Knuckle Molding to Maximize Protection During Operation
  • [Tough To The Max] - Built With Double-Stitch Seams For Durability and Longevity Under Any Condition
  • [Grip To The Max] - PU Leather Palm & Fingertips Enhance Grip And Work Flawlessly With Touchscreens
  • [Airflow To The Max] - Padded Mesh And Rubber Aero Vents On The Back For Faster Heat Dissipation
  • [No-Worry Lifetime Warranty] - Industry-Leading Protection Policy To Ensure You Are 100% Satisfied
Bestseller No. 2
WTACTFUL Army Military Tactical Touch Screen Protection Full Finger Gloves for Motorcycle Motorbike Hunting Hiking Airsoft Paintball Riding Men Women Size Black Large
  • Anatomically shaped one-piece Thermal Rubber provides impact resistance. There thick enough to protect your hands.
  • Increasing the friendly touching function to three fingers part of glove, so you can touch your phone screen sensitively and use it conveniently.
  • The gloves is made of Durable Microfiber Artificial Leather and breathable stretch nylon material, Wear-resistant, lightweight and fast drying. The palm reinforcement, protects hands from impact and abrasion.
  • Nicely stitched,durable and lightweight material, breathable and comfortable,and adjustable wrist design provide sense of snug and support when working outdoor sport.
  • Great for multi outdoor sports activity: Motorcycle, Cycling, ATV Bike, Dirtbike, Riding, Off Road, Climbing, Camping, Hiking and etc. Also suitable for some kinds of work, such as lumbering and heavy industry.
Bestseller No. 3
WTACTFUL Touchscreen Motorcycle Tactical Full Finger Gloves for Airsoft Paintball Cycling Motorbike ATV Hunting Hiking Riding Racing Climbing Operating Work Outdoor Sports Gloves Size Large Black
  • ★★PROTECTION: Reinforced palm and double stitching for heavy duty, protection hands from abrasion.
  • ★COMFORT: The gloves is made of durable microfiber material Wear-resistant, lightweight ,fast drying and also perfect.
  • ★TOUCH SCREEN: Increasing the friendly touching function to thumb and middle fingers part of glove, so you can touch your phone screen sensitively and use it conveniently.
  • ★FUNCTION: Nicely stitched, durable lightweight, top breathable and comfortable, adjustable wrist design provide sense of snug and support when working outdoor sport.
  • ★DURABILITY: High performance versatile design as a hiking gloves, riding gloves, work gloves, motorcycle gloves, cycling gloves, operator gloves and so on.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Mechanix Wear MG-78-010: The Original MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves (Large, Camouflage)
  • Form-fitting TrekDry material with MultiCam camouflage helps keep hands cool and comfortable.
  • Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) hook and loop closure provides a secure fit.
  • Seamless single layer palm provides maximum dexterity.
  • Nylon web loop provides convenient glove storage.
  • Machine washable.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Ironclad EXOT-PBLK-04-L Tactical Operator Pro Glove, Stealth Black, Large
  • Hand safety - Neoprene knuckle feature provides impact and abrasion protection across the knuckles
  • Sweat management feature - Terry cloth sweat wipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb allows you to stay focused on the task at hand with one wipe of the brow
  • Hook & loop closure - Adjustable hook and loop closure provides a secure custom fit for ideal performance
  • Suede Cuff Puller - The suede cuff puller allows the operator to get the glove in the proper position faster
  • Engineered fit - all Ironclad gloves are designed with our industry leading flawless fit system that defines up to 16 application driven measurements to provide best in Class fit

Tactical Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Military operators, SWAT teams, and law enforcement won’t go out on a mission without their tactical gloves. This essential equipment is vital for their protection in combat and patrol situations. However, civilians can benefit from the use of tactical gloves in several scenarios.

Whether you’re practicing with your firearm at the range, riding your bike through challenging terrain, or gearing up for a paintball game, tactical gloves can come in “handy” for protection. This section will look at everything you need to know when selecting the best tactical gloves.

What are the Uses for Tactical Gloves?

Let’s start with the functionality and uses of tactical gloves. There are plenty of designs, styles, color choices, and brands to wade through. By understanding what you need out of your gloves, you’ll find it easy to settle on your purchase.

Law Enforcement and Military Personnel

The original design and function of tactical gloves were for use by law enforcement and military personnel. Officers and operators find themselves in plenty of scenarios on the job that require hand protection.

Tactical gloves allow for the full function of your hand, without limiting range-of-motion or flexibility. Essentially, they provide less warmth and weather protection than traditional gloves. However, they offer you various protective and assault properties combined in the glove, such as striker plates.

When wearing the gloves, the slimline form-factor doesn’t interrupt your use of a firearm, allowing you to place your finger inside the trigger guard without any hang-ups.

Range Sports and Hunting – Shooting and Bow Hunting

If you’re a hunter and enjoy getting out into public land, a pair of tactical gloves provide you protection from the elements.

If your hands experience a cut of injury around the campsite or skinning a deer, you could end up with a nasty infection. Tactical gloves feature cut-proof protection, along with durable, weatherproof materials that keep your hands dry.

Tactical gloves suit use with bow hunters and rifle hunters. The fingers’ slimline form-factor and the fingertips’ textured surface give you total control over the bow or trigger. If you’re shooting a semi-auto or automatic rifle like an AR-15, the barrel and gun get hot after extended use.

Tactical gloves protect your hands from hot brass casings and the heat of the gun. Tactical gloves also provide protection for your palms against a weapon. Using rifles with Picatinny or M-Lok rail can be hard on your hands when walking with your gun. Tactical gloves stop this irritation and discomfort.

Paintball and Airsoft

CQB sports like airsoft and paintball are gaining popularity. If you’re planning on starting this fun hobby, you’re going to need the right gear. Many newbies focus on the type of rifle they want, and the accessories. However, safety gear isn’t a top priority for beginners.

Most newbies think they can stick on a mask and start the game. After the first round, they realize they made a big mistake. Look at the professionals on the course and the senior players. Chances are they are dressed head-to-toe in tactical gear. Look at their hands, and chances are they’re wearing tactical gloves.

Paintball guns can shoot 0.68mm projectiles at speeds of up to 200-feet per second on the range. If one of these rounds contacts your knuckle while you’re holding the gun, it will result in a lot of pain. A pair of reinforced tactical gloves with finger and knuckle protection helps you avoid a nasty injury.

Tactical Preparedness

Preppers need a pair of tactical gloves in their gear. These gloves are essential for survivalist tasks, giving your hands protection. The last thing you need is a hand injury when SHTF. Climb fences, force open doors, move objects, and defend yourself from attackers.


If you’re riding your motorbike out into rough terrain, a pair of tactical gloves provide your hands with protection from falls. The gloves can prevent burns on hot surfaces like exhausts, and give your palms a break from the stress of pulling on the throttle.

Tactical gloves suit use for mountain biking as well. Low-profile, streamlined gloves with grip and light protection are a great choice for downhill riders.

What are the Top Benefits of Tactical Gloves?

  • Cut Protection – When you’re out in the field, you can’t afford to sustain an injury. Officers that put their hands up to defend themselves often sustain injuries in the palms of their hands and forearms from knives. Tactical gloves feature reinforced materials in the palms, preventing cutting weapons from reaching your skin. This feature can also be useful for campers and hunters working with knives or other sharp tools.
  • Heat Protection – Tactical gloves come with heat insulation, allowing you to touch hot surfaces without sustaining a burn.
  • Impact Protection – Some tactical gloves feature padded palms and fingers for added impact protection in combat scenarios.
  • Environmental Protection – Don’t let the rain soak your hands, turning them cold and useless. Keep your hands dry and warm with thermally insulated tactical gloves featuring waterproof materials.
  • Better Grip – Tactical gloves come with various grip-enhancement systems on the gloves’ palms and fingers. As a result, you get better traction than you would without gloves, even in wet weather and slippery surfaces.
  • More Control and Sensitivity – Tactical gloves have a slimline design. As a result, you get better sensitivity and touch sensation than you do with traditional gloves.

What are the Types of Tactical Gloves?

Tactical gloves come in several different designs to suit various applications. Here are the common types you’ll find in this review.

All-Terrain Tactical Gloves

These gloves have an all-purpose design suitable for use in most tactical situations. These gloves offer the best weather protection, and they’re ideal for use when hiking, camping, shooting, or personal defense. Most of them come with designs that include finger protection and PVC or carbon fiber knuckle guards.

These gloves have excellent resistance against heat, impact, and environmental conditions. The MultiCam by Mechanix or the Oakley Pilot is a good example of these tactical models.

Sniper Gauntlet Tactical Gloves

These gloves feature a slimline form factor with less protection around the fingers and knuckles than all-terrain models. The Sniper Gauntlet model features a form-fitting design making it easy to use the rifle trigger or pull your bowstring.

You get more dexterity and range-of-motion from the glove, but lower levels of protection. However, snipers typically don’t engage in hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, they don’t need an extensive finger and knuckle protection.

Short-Finger Tactical Gloves

The short-finger tactical glove gives you hand protection when making a fist or holding onto a pistol grip. These gloves offer the same protection as the all-terrain or sniper gauntlet. However, at the same time, they allow the function of your fingertips. They have less weather protection, but better sensitivity. They are a good choice for snipers and ground forces carrying firearms.

Needlestick Tactical Gloves

These gloves offer the best protection from cuts and punctures. They feature extra padding on the palms and impact protection for falls. These gloves are effective at preventing needles from penetrating the material in the palm of your glove.

What I the Key Features I Need to Look for with Tactical Gloves?

  • Construction, Design, and Materials – Look for fast-drying, water-resistant materials that breathe, allowing airflow to your hands. Breathable gloves prevent your palms getting sweaty.
  • Durable Design – Choose materials that have a long service life. Look for reinforced stitching and quality craftsmanship in your gloves.
  • Padding – Is padding important for you? Make sure you get enough around the palms, knuckles, and fingers.
  • Carbon or Plastic Guards – Protect yourself in a self-defense situation. Carbon or PVC knuckle and finger guards can help you protect your fingers against breaks while acting like a pair of “brass knuckles.”
  • Water-Resistance – Most tactical gloves have a water-resistant design rather than a waterproof design. If that’s important to you., make sure you check on the manufacturer’s specs before buying.
  • Compatibility with Touchscreens – The best tactical gloves come with touchscreen compatibility. There’s nothing like the frustration of removing your gloves to use your phone. Fingerless models offer you the best use of your devices. However, some gloves offer materials compatible with touchscreen use.

Tactical Gloves FAQs

What brand of tactical gloves do law enforcement and military personnel use?

he military and law enforcement rely on the Mechanix brand when choosing their tactical gloves. Mechanix offers the best blend of style, design, functionality, and affordability. Our top choice in this review, the Mechanix M-Pact, is a top consideration for officers and operators in the United States.

Are tactical gloves legal?

Tactical gloves are entirely legal. Some people might think that models with carbon-fiber pads on the knuckles might qualify as a “knuckle-duster” weapon. However, there is nothing in any state legislation outlawing or prohibiting the use of tactical gloves in public spaces. However, walking around with tactical gloves in civilian environments is not a good idea; someone might take you for a threat and report you to the police.

Why do law enforcement officers wear black tactical gloves?

Over the last decade, there is a rising trend of police officers relying on gear featuring black-colored materials. Darker materials expose powders easily, allowing the officer or agent to assess a threat early. Black gloves also help provide a stealth effect when conduction raids at night or early morning before the sun rises.

Where should I buy my tactical gloves?

We recommend picking up your tactical gloves on Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, and you can expect to find the best deals on gloves. Amazon Prime members get fast, free shipping directly to your door. Why go to the hassle of visiting a store when you can order from home? You get buyer protection for your order and top-quality customer service.

Tactical Gloves – The Verdict

By now, you should have an idea of the best tactical gloves to suit your needs. Whether you’re 9in law enforcement or a civilian, there is a set of gloves in this review to suit any activity. Tactical gloves don’t always need a tactical look, and they work in a variety of situations. If you need a pair of form-fitting and functional gloves, then they’re a great choice.

However, we realize it’s challenging settling on one pair of gloves to add to your gear. If you’re still on the fence with choosing a pair, why not rely on our top picks?

The Mechanix Wear MultiCam M-Pact is the choice of real military operators and law enforcement officers. These gloves offer superior protection for your hands and comfortable design. You get a full range of motion and form-fitting design with the M-Pact. These gloves feature the latest Dry Trek materials, ensuring your hands never get sweaty.

The Oakley Factory Pilot Glove is our top pick for the best premium tactical gloves in this review. The Oakley’s have full-grain leather palms and wrist uppers. You get a snug, form-fitting design, with mesh for expansion and a comfortable fit. The carbon-fiber striker plate on the knuckles protects your hands and gives you a secondary weapon in hand-to-hand combat.

The Seibertron Tactical Gloves are an affordable and minimalist design that’s suitable for a variety of tasks. The gloves are soft and supportive, with a functional grip on the palms and fingers. You get synthetic leather, polyester, and nylon materials for a rugged and durable glove.


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