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Urban Survival Skills and Training /// Vinjatek


50+  Urban Survival Skills

Vinjatek Urban Survival Kit and Loadout ///The concrete jungle; bridges, streets, vehicles, structures, underworlds and society. Bushcraft won’t suffice, it’ll take urban survival skills

The survival directives of urban environments aren’t just for severe emergencies or life-threatening scenarios, but extends equally to the human element and day-to-day city life.

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***This will be a periodically updated list of urban survival skills, skillsets, tactics and philosophies.

Urban Survival Everyday Carry /// Vinjatek

        54)     Demolition + Deconstruction //
Sometimes in order to rebuild or repair, you must skillfully destroy completely or carefully take apart.

        53)     Everyday Carry //
Equipping the most strategic gear and setups for on your person urban survival EDC and loadouts.

        52)     Survival Prepping //
A continuous discipline of procuring and stockpiling pertinent survival goods; food, water, munitions etc.

        51)     Cartography //
At least a basic understanding of creating maps by hand. Not just land but building layouts and zones.

        50)     Confrontation Conduct //
Being civil yet strong, firm and prosperous during moments of conflict with individuals and groups.

        49)     Selective Parkour //
Utilizing the situationally useful elements such as urban “mountain climbing“ for evasion or transport.

Urban Survival Skills Exploration Under a Bridge in Danang, Vietnam /// Vinjatek URBEX

        48)     Rationing //
The strategic allocation and conservation of not just food and water, but any non-renewable resource.

        47)     Gray Man Mentality //
The concepts of blending-in within a crowd or type of people using various urban camouflage techniques.

        46 )     S.L.Y.K. //


        45)     Recycling //
As an urban survival skill, it’s not for the environment but to get the most out of dwindling resources.

        44)     Urban Agriculture //
AKA urban gardening, the skillset of farming and cultivating foods on a sustainable scale in the city.

        43)     Water Management //
Procuring, storing, harvesting and if necessary, purifying water for consumption and utility.

Sig Sauer P320 Duo For Urban Survival /// Vinjatek

        42)     Weather Conditioning //
Hardening and optimizing your body to withstand and be functional in harsh temperatures and weather.

        41 )     Sleeping //
A necessary function of life to survive. The ability to sleep anywhere at anytime as a strategy.

        40)     Scavenging //
Depending on the level of urban survival severity, this may be the only way to procure resources.

        39 )     Firearms Proficiency //


        38)     Navigating //
Position ascertaining and directional routing urban areas with or without the use of GPS and maps.

        37)     Carpentry //
Modest technical knowledge and various hands-on experience with woodworking and construction.

Vagabonding Packing List Loadout /// Vinjatek

        36 )     Trap Setting //
For the wilderness, it’s for hunting small game. But for the urban, it’s for proximity security and defense.

        35 )     Bartering //
Before money, humans bartered – after money, humans will barter. This is street buying power.

        34 )     Vehicular Hot-Wiring //


        33 )     Location Independence //
Survival often equates to mobility and in this case it means your life. Being able to live anywhere, anytime.

        32 )     Storytelling //
There’s nothing like a good story when the power grid is shot, lights are out and the internet is gone.

        31 )     Plumbing //
An urban skillset that’s useful in everyday life and when the world ends and you’ll have to do it yourself.

Tactical Hand Signals, Standardized Army Hand Signals as Urban Survival Skills /// Vinjatek

        30 )     Dumpster Diving //
When absolutely necessary, salvaging from trash could yield great results to use in urban survival.

        29 )     Tactical Hand Signals //
AKA Army Standardized Hand Signals, urban survivalists should learn it and teach it to their tribe.

        28 )     Disguise-Shifting //


        27 )     Sewing //
An ancient skill that’s just as useful today. Know how to repair clothes and even make your own, if need be.

        26 )     Morse Code //
When phones, satellites, the internet and even radio goes out, this type of telecommunication will prevail.

        25 )     Lock Picking //
Part of the covert operative tradecraft skillset, of which “entry” is an urban survival tactic element.

Urban Foraging Survival Skill in The Mekong Delta, Vietnam With a Leatherman Charge TTi /// Vinjatek

        24 )     Urban Foraging //
Much like gathering edible foods grown naturally in the wild, this is done instead within the cityscape.

        23 )     Improvised Weaponology //
Creating a weapon from something that’s not or using it as such – for planned devices or utilized on demand.

        22 )     Fire Starting //
While a staple of bushcraft, the ability to start a fire without a lighter or match is also an urban necessity.

        21 )     Strategic Deception //
Interpersonal capabilities are one of the most important urban survival skills, including deception.

        20 )     Secondary Language //
English is vital, but proficiency in another that’s geographically common to your locale can be useful.

        19 )     Method of Loci //
An advanced memory recollection and retainment strategy using visual and spatial reasoning.

NSA Headquarters Entrance /// Vinjatek

        18 )     Electrical Wiring //
A basic understanding of an electrician’s trade would be an invaluable skillset in an urban societal collapse.

        17 )     Urban Exploration //
Also known as URBEX, it’s a deliberate, investigative and sometimes intrusive method of exploring a city.

        16 )     Sink Laundry //
A general term regarding washing and drying laundry by hand, on the fly and anywhere, without a machine.

        15 )     Anti-Facial Recognition (FRS) //


        14 )     Driving //
Particularly a standard car but as well as motorcycles and trucks plus manual transmission vehicles.

        13 )     Fuel Siphoning //
Procuring gasoline by extracting it from the tanks of vehicles to a portable container to use as your own.

Kabuki Central Road in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan /// Vinjatek

        12 )     Self-Defense //
Direct contact, close quarters combat defense capabilities with and without the use of weapons.

        11 )     Crowd Scanning //
The ability to scan a large or moving group of people and discern a specific person, activity or action.

        10 )     Food Preparation //
A broad but most useful skillset involving cooking, baking, grilling or any type of making sustenance.

        9 )     First-Aid //
A general knowledge of common medical treatments and practices as well as using relevant equipment.

        8 )     Social Engineering //
A manipulation technique skillset to alter the opinions, behaviors and beliefs of human assets and groups.

        7 )     MacGyverisms //
A mindset to fix anything, make something into something else and make something out of nothing.

Abandoned Amusement Park Staircase in Hanoi, Vietnam /// Urban Survival Skill From Vinjatek

        6 )     Reduced Public Task-Fixation //
This is being more alert by being less fixated on certain tasks (using a mobile phone) in public spaces.

        5 )     Situational Awareness //
Minding your immediate surroundings and physical vicinity, like a radar and alarm system.

        4 )     Post-Route Mental Mapping //


        3 )     Proficient Running //
Arguably the most important physical urban transit and escape skill is the ability to run fast and long.

        2 )     Adaptability //
Actively adapting to the changing situations and scenarios of your surroundings and the people in it.

        1 )     Remember Your Training //
When the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI occurs, don’t forget all the skills and knowledge of urban tactics.

Survival in any form for any environment is an act of prevention and or recovery.

-John Cain

Bushcraft is for nature-made wilderness jungles and urbancraft is for man-made concrete jungles.

  ///   The Urban Survival Training
and Skills List

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  1. Dee Fe

    09/15/2019 at 9:46 PM

    Bookmarked this post. What an excellent list or urban survival skills. Looking forward to updates!

  2. Steph 8899

    09/15/2019 at 10:31 PM

    You’re the man, thanks for this, been making a sorta to-do learning list for urban survival. Can’t wait for more.

  3. James Brand

    09/22/2019 at 10:06 AM

    Best and most rounded skillset list on the web. Most other posts are recycled blog posts from each other written by wannabe survivalists that don’t know anything.

  4. Gray Dre

    10/26/2019 at 10:44 AM

    Just found your site from searching ”urban survival skills” on Google. Not what I expected but impressed and hooked. Great site you got here, I’ll be back for more!

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