These are a list of already pertinent go-bag packing items that happen to be barterable – for emergencies and backup impromptu buying power.

“A meticulously pre-packed mobile bag specifically for the city / terrain they are located in or potential locale for survival, extrication or sustainment.     [excerpt]

Almost anything can be sold or traded with the right person and in the right situation. But these are the gear types that I have successfully bartered in the field as a vagabond or operative.

Items that are generally more feasible and practical for bartering, as well as having better rates of return than other commonly packed go-bag items.

Folding Multi-Tool

Leatherman Charge TTi for Urban Survival and Bartering /// Vinjatek

As one of the most useful handheld pieces of kit that exists, a well-made, quality folding multi-tool is also versatile as a powerful bartering tool. Especially brand names; Victorinox, Gerber, SOG or Leatherman. To the right target group, these are as good as gold.

A few years ago on the island of Koh Rong in Cambodia, I ran out of cash and realized too late that there were no ATM’s on the island. I paid the bartender for our bill of 65,000 Riel ($17 USD) by bartering my Gerber Crucial multi-tool. Luckily he was also the handyman of the bar so it was an easy sell.

-Currently Equipped: Leatherman Charge TTi

Foreign Cash

Vietnamese Dong Cash Money Laid Out Currency /// Vinjatek

A stash of emergency local currency in your go-bag is a must and to a lesser but still useful extent, so is any “leftover” cash from other / previously visited countries. This money is kept separate and used for emergencies or when it’s time to “cash out”.



-Currently Equipped: Vietnamese Dong

Spare Mobile Device

Spare Mobile Device for Urban Survival and Bartering /// Vinjatek

It’s 2018. As a digital nomad and constant traveler, a secondary or spare smartphone is a necessity. Also being 2018, selling or bartering a decent mobile device, phone or otherwise, is easy as they are highly liquid in almost any market, through out the world.

For work, I had a supplier for encrypted Nextel phones that I used as burners. At certain times when I had more than I needed, I would trade them for SAT network minutes (it was the early 2000’s).

-Currently Equipped: Sony Xperia, Galaxy S8

Power Banks

Power Banks for Urban Survival and Bartering /// Vinjatek

Portable power sources have become almost as ubiquitous as the smartphones they’re made to charge. And so the demand is strong almost anywhere you go. Although it’s declined in recent years, traditional batteries like AA or AAA types are also barterable, particularly in poorer countries.



-Currently Equipped: Mophie Powerstation, Nitecore NL1475R

Rugged Flashlights

Flashlights for Urban Survival and Bartering /// Vinjatek

As with multi-tools, these are essential go-bag items, no matter the purpose of your kit. Also similarly, a high quality (especially tactical) flashlight can fetch you an easy barter deal, albeit with not much buying power.

On the tiny island of Don Det in Laos, my friends and I rented out bicycles for 2 days. However, the shop was short 1 bike, so I offered my SOG Dark Energy flashlight to the owner’s small son to borrow his bike. It was a crappy bike but it was well worth it – I had another, newer flashlight and it was nice to give this kid the most powerful flashlight on the entire island.

-Currently Equipped: Fenix LD12, 511 TMT L1, BSS V3

Precious Metal Bullion

Gold Bullion for Urban Survival and Bartering /// Vinjatek

I wouldn’t buy precious metals for the purpose of potentially bartering as it’s extremely cost-ineffective. However, I acquired an abundance of 1 gram platinum and gold bars from an old OP years ago. Since then I’ve added a handful of them to my general packing list and EDC. –Learn more here >>



-Currently Equipped: Pamp Gold, Platinum

6 Incidentally Barterable Items to Pack in a Vagabond Go-Bag /// Vinjatek
GO-BAG: Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout

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