A grippingly compact yet powerful tactical / personal illumination device that’s literally pocket as well as figuratively wallet friendly.

“Pierces the night with ease. They look different and they behave differently. Our goal was simple. We wanted you to have the brightest flashlights of their size.”

It’s a difficult balance designing an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight that’s blindingly bright, in such a small package, tough as a tank and feels good in the hands.

SOG achieved this masterfully with the smallest version of their Dark Energy Flashlights($), the 214A.

It’s about as small as a legitimate tactical flashlight can and should be. Despite it’s miniature stature, it pumps out a staggering 188 lumens (brightness) through an optical-grade polycarbonate lens – not the brightest by any means but impressive for a sub 4 inch flashlight.

All this radiant power and it can disappear in the palm of your hands, feeling extraordinarally solid with just the right hefty weight and ever-confident grip.

The T6 aluminum body is anodized in matte black with aggressive bi-level knurling that will ensure your grasp whether your hands are covered in grease or blood.

As the button is on the tail as a rubberized switch, it’s natural and convenient to activate and cycle through the 4 operational modes with the thumb: momentary touch, full power, half power and strobe.

With the overtexturing of the rock solid housing, reverse grip handling and a bezel designed for striking, this SOG flashlight earns its tactical status.

- SOG Flashlight's Tail Switch Button -
– SOG Flashlight’s Tail Switch Button –
- Powerful Handheld Illumination -
– Powerful Handheld Illumination –
- Extra Textured Diamond Knurling -
– Extra Textured Diamond Knurling / Impact Bezel –

I’ve been using Dark Energy flashlights since they first introduced them nearly 5 years ago.

This specific model is my second, but only because I gave the first one to someone who needed it more than I.

That being said, these SOG Dark Energy flashlights are built to last and illuminate for a lifetime or maybe a couple of wars.

The 214A retails for $105 but they’re available for as low as $45. Regardless, this is very likely the best designed and the most value you can find in a flashlight of this size for either of those prices.

So whether for survival, tactical or everyday practical, this is a prime choice for a compact flashlight.

I have and will be using the SOG Dark Energy for vagabonding lifestyle and everyday carry.

SOG Dark Energy Flashlight /// Vinjatek

3.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 Inches // Tail Switch Button // 6061 T6 Hard Coated // 188 Max Lumens Power // 5 Illumination Modes // Impact Strike Bezel

SOG Dark Energy /// $45+

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  1. Pew Pew Blam Reply

    Got this myself, its the best damn mini flashlight I ever owned. I even like it better than my SureFire.

  2. I bought this after one of your EDC posts. I don’t really need a flashlight but I friggen love my SOG.

  3. Specialist Zero Reply

    Ive got one of the larger SOG flashlights and it truly is one tough mother. Bright as hell and so affordable.

  4. Been using the Gerber Iris, but this will be my new EDC torch.

  5. Just curious are CR123A batteries easy to find while traveling around? Do you carry any spare batteries? Thanks.

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