///   Made in The USA: EDC Urban Kit

Made in The USA EDC Kit /// VinjatekThis is my all American made vagabonding EDC urban kit for world travel and everyday carry, gear equipped for this 4th of July weekend.

An everyday carry kit is a constantly evolving, ever-changing set of gear that should be customized for the person’s preferences and situational needs.

-John Cain

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This EDC urban kit is separate from my packing list as the latter is the whole sum of all my gear. Other items stay in my FAST Pack EDC Backpack. All items are proudly made in the United States of America.

Lockout Canister /// EDC KIT

Lockout Canister

A pocket-sized polymer container built for battle, adventure or everyday carry of small items from SS Precision. It’s waterproof and tough so I currently put in perishables or delicate items.

I’ve added 2 additional Lockouts to my packing list in recent months due to their usefulness.


Moduloader Pocket Shield /// EDC Kit

Moduloader Pocket Shield

As clever as it is simple, these keep my typical everyday carry gear organized and positioned for seamless and fast access within my pockets. They also reduce bulge and item imprinting that happens to result in comfort as well.

I also use these pocket organizers variably in my bags and kits.


EXILIS Knife /// EDC Kit


A high-end / high-tech compact tactical folding knife applicable for hard use utility, combat defense and international everyday carry.

Despite its size, the Exilis is a formidable tactical knife. Which means it can also be just as formidable in any other cutting task any other pocket knife should perform, but in most cases, better and faster.


Obstructures Tool /// EDC Kit

Obstructures Tool

I don’t like to equip full sized multi-tools on my person although the smaller Gerber DIME makes it on to my EDC once in a while. This titanium pry tool is a good solution to my specific needs.

Ultra lightweight, low profile yet incredibly strong for the roughest and smallest of tasks.


Life Capsule Omega /// EDC Kit

Life Capsule Omega

One of the only items that has been a part of my everyday carry gear since day one of my vagabonding world travels started in 2012. These portable Triple Aught Design caches are MIL-SPEC tough to protect the contents like a micro-personal vault.

I always carry one of them but often the pair. Various minimal kits for situational needs.


SOCP Dagger /// EDC Kit

SOCP Dagger

A Benchmade black class tactical fixed defense knife excellent for low profile carry and swift deployment. I have the single edged / partially serrated model for more international carry friendly options.



CORE Adventure Wallet /// EDC Kit

CORE Adventure Wallet

Bringing back the way of the “fat wallet” in a good way by decluttering pockets, item type unifying and enhancing everyday carryability.

This actually equips what would be considered “EDC Gear” not just cash and cards, earning the right to be described as an “EDC wallet”.


Operator Pen /// EDC Kit

Operator Pen

Made by Tuff Writer, these are the best tactical pens that don’t look like deadly weapons but without sacrificing their tactical nature. Exceedingly tough built like a tank with precision writing elements.

The most perfect self defense tool for non-permissive environments.


Assailant Card /// EDC Kit

Assailant Card

Made from beta titanium alloy, this is a credit card shaped defense knife. The round chisel edge that’s carbidized makes it convenient for care-free carry and exceptional cutting power.

Great for “special circumstance” use such as an aggressive version of the decoy wallet method.


Tensul Money Clip /// EDC Kit

Tensul Money Clip

The most elegant and well designed carbon fiber money clip I have found. Unlike most CF clips, these are constructed of multiple parts using different types of carbon fiber to both aesthetics and function.

This has replaced my Tareinco Lowpro Wallet.

Secures the Microtech Assailant Card beautifully, see above.


Made in The USA EDC Kit /// Vinjatek

Made in The USA EDC Kit

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SPNB /// Goruck
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100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN
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Kyle NYC

Awesome fourth of July EDC, all made in the US – #MERICA!

Jine Niner

I second that has tag #merica!

Reeds 889


Specialist Zero

Great EDC, I want the exact same kit. But first I really want to add that Exilis.

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