Elegantly elaborate, modern and functional design fused with exotic industrial materials results in the finest carbon fiber money clip.

- Tensul Symmetric Carbon Fiber Money Clip -
– Tensul Symmetric Carbon Fiber Money Clip –

Money clips are the most basic way to carry cash and cards, somewhere in between a wallet and a rubber band. That’s what this Tensul Symmetric Clip is.

Such as Lamborghinis are wheeled motor vehicles, or simply cars. But a Lamborghini isn’t just a car is it?

Well this isn’t just a money clip.

When I see the Tensul, it reminds of a black Lamborghini Aventador or nostalgically the Countach – dramatically sharp lines, aggressive angles and visually piercing.

It’s damn good looking and like a Lamborghini, the craftsmanship and materials used equal its aesthetics. It’s the Lamborghini of money clips.

Not long ago, carbon fiber money clips were extremely rare and expensive but now they’re available everywhere for cheap. That’s because most of those are CHEAP, low quality carbon fiber just bent or folded over into a “U” shape with no imagination or design.

The Tensul Symmetric Money Clip keeps it real.

- Tensul Money Clip w/ Cash and Card Kit -
– Tensul Money Clip w/ Cash and Card Kit –

Not all carbon fiber composites are made equal. Some are stronger, more resilient, used for different purposes and like steel, there are degrees of quality.

Tensul money clips are constructed of 3 primo specific parts, 1 for each base and 1 for an ingenious spring.

The 2 bases are made from flawless 4×4 twill carbon fiber. Compressed into striking yet functional shapes then bonded with transparent epoxy resin. Impossibly strong and visually dazzling. The Tensul logo is subtly but beautifully frost etched on the front.

The spring is made from a unidirectional carbon material that attaches the 2 bases together. It also acts as a content stabilizer. The concept of this is clever and unique because of the use of this specific material.

All other carbon fiber patterns are designed to take stress from many or all directions, distributing its strength accordingly. Unidirectional carbon fiber focuses all its strength very specifically, making it brilliant to be used as a spring on a money clip.

The Tensul Symmetric comes encased in an ultra-minimal yet stunning satin finished aluminum work of art that ideally clips to the clip. Outstanding presentation.

- Stealth EDC Kit // Titanium / Carbon Fiber -

Made in The United States // 4×4 Twill Carbon Fiber // 1.9″ x 2.4″ x 0.5″ Inches // Unidirectional CF Spring

Tensul Money Clip /// $110

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  1. Imma sucker for anything carbon fiber and this is seriously sexy, another $100 out of my bank 🙁

  2. This is the best carbon fiber money clip I have ever seen. It needs to be got.

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