///   The Decoy Wallet Concept

Decoy Wallet / Mugger's Wallet /// VinjatekEvasion is always better than defense in a mugging scenario but a peaceful escape in an engagement with minimal loss is possible with a decoy wallet.

Deceivingly appeasing a mugger’s demand can counteract that hostile action without loss of dignity or valuables.

-John Cain

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Misdirection is a key strategy in tactical scenarios and it can be just as effective with the potential dangers of everyday life, such as with muggings. The decoy wallet is the EDC tool. It can delicately diffuse and resolve an otherwise violent situation with an insignificant but expected / prepared loss of property.

AKA the “mugger’s wallet“, as that’s exactly who it’s for. It’s prepared and given to the mugger in such a situation instead of your actual wallet.

Fill an old wallet or money clip with a few of the typical items found in them and keep it in your pocket as your “decoy”, apart from your actual wallet. If a mugging does occur, give the decoy wallet without a struggle.

The Decoy Wallet Contents:



It doesn’t have to be complex or overfilled. It just has to look authentic and appear to have value in the eyes of a thief but something you don’t mind parting with.

Decoy Wallet / Mugger's Wallet /// Vinjatek

I actually don’t carry a wallet at all but a modified ModuLoader Pocket Shield as a substitute that’s extremely low profile. This allows for the decoy wallet to be tucked beside it with no bulge or discomfort, also allowing easy access for deployment.

However, I only equip a decoy wallet when in known dangerous areas while traveling abroad.

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Muggers wallet. Brilliant idea!

Katea Pop

I love your blog! Awesome ideas I never see in other travel blogs. Now only if I had a wallet lol… Any ideas for the ladies?

Katea Pop

I love your blog! Awesome ideas I never see in other travel blogs. Now only if I had a wallet lol… Any ideas for the ladies?

Lori Zabel

I like this idea of a fake wallet. Give the mugger what they want (sorta) and you get to fool them. Not bad.

Pew Pew Blam

Also, carrying a decoy wallet is a great way to have emergency cash for last resort when you’ve spent all your actual wallet money. Kinda like finding that lost $20 in your pants month later.


Great idea! I just made mine with the stuff you suggested. I’m in a dangerous sketchy area daily.

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