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- The Tareinco LoPro Wallet -This is the result of the synthesis of tactical holsters, money clips and minimal wallets – but formed in a highly minimalistic but functional way.


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The LoPro Wallet by Tareinco is only the second wallet I’ve used in the past 10 years. Its predecessor is a $1,500 custom made select crocodile Prada wallet.

To put it into perspective, this wallet costs less than $15. I didn’t need a new one or was even looking for a replacement, but I was intrigued with the concept.

It’s been a year to the day and it has served me well throughout my vagabonding lifestyle and travels.

Minimal profile, maximum function.

Tareinco LoPro Wallet /// VINJABOND

- Tareinco LoPro Wallet Side View -

– Tareinco LoPro Wallet Side View –

Lets break it down. Take a look at the LoPro Wallet. It’s just some elastic, velcro and nylon straps. But that’s the genius of it, the elegant simplicity. It takes great design to use so little to achieve so much.

This being especially important for EDC gear that belong in the limited space of your pockets. Less weight, smaller footprint and accessibility is key.

After all, what’s a $1,500 wallet made of? Leather, thread and cloth. So like anything else, its not just the quality of the material used but how it’s put together.

And the Tareinco LoPro Wallet is constructed to military specifications; durable, versatile, tactical.

It may not be made in Italy like my Prada, but it is proudly homegrown in my own country, the USA.

- Tareinco LoPro Wallet on The Dynamis Belt - -

– Tareinco LoPro Wallet on The Dynamis Belt –

With the very little material it’s made of, it manages to have 2 main compartments for cards / bills, 2 small compartments for receipts / notes and even an incidental “clip” for belt or MOLLE attachments.

Despite the skeletal structure, contents are secure due to the velcro closure and elastic tightening.

So whether the LoPro Wallet is stuffed with cash or just holding a couple of cards, it retains the smallest and tightest form factor possible, like compression straps.

The adapting size has come in handy when dealing with all the different sized currency around the world.

- Tareinco LoPro Wallet w/ Contents -

– Tareinco LoPro Wallet w/ Contents –

A new modern take on the minimal wallet that’s far from traditional but exceptionally functional.

Tareinco LoPro Wallet /// $20+


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Kyle NYC

I bought this after I saw it in one of your gear photos. It’s a great little wallet. It’s not for everyone, but I love it.

Specialist Zero

Your photos make gear look better than the company photos, I went to Tareinco’s website and the wallet looks uninspiring and dull. lol… Anyways, what are those card tool things?


Cool wallet. tactical but practical.


Got Tareinco gear myself.