///   Stealth / Covert Response Knife

Stealth / Covert Response Knife /// VinjatekA type 2 variant of nigh imperceptible tradecraft edged tools for close quarters combat / defense companion for special circumstances. [img]


No one should carry any sort of weapon, knife or otherwise, without the basic knowledge of how to use it as well as its limitations and the potential dangers to oneself and the assailant. Furthermore, other than the laws of possessing a knife, the wielder should be aware of the technical legalities of self-defense and assault.

John Cain

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Stealth/Covert Response Knife /// VINJABOND

– Stealth / Covert Response Knife V2 –

There is no production model or brand for a “response knife” as it is a weapon of personal specificity.

The concept is for proficient concealment in the smallest and most low profile form factor possible while retaining practical combat effectiveness. To be equipped for situations and places where traditional knives are inaccessible, forbidden or too extreme.

A self defense / tactical knife is only as good as its carry capabilities and deployment efficiency.

So the size and shape allows it to be holstered as part of a bracelet, pants zipper slot, behind the ear like a cigarette, within a Dynamis belt, used as a hair pin, as a necklace pendant and more. A truly covert knife.

- Stealth / Covert Response Knife Ergonomics -

– Stealth / Covert Response Knife Ergonomics –

- Stealth / Covert Response Knife in Tucked Grip -

– Stealth / Covert Response Knife in Tucked Grip –

Stealth Covert Response Knife /// Vinjatek

This Stealth/Covert Response Knife was a modification from a reclaimed Max Venom Karambite. Made entirely from a single solid blade of S35VN steel.

As if molded from my literal hands, the ergonomics is flawless in both forward and reverse grips.

Multiple layers of an ID Inhibitor coating has been added. A black-transparent rubber like material that provides impeccable traction and identification nullifying properties, e.g. fingerprints and DNA.

I also made a carbon fiber sheath for further EDC options and holstering. As a secondary use, inserting the covert knife backwards makes it into a handle.

- Stealth / Covert Response Knife w/ Sheath - -

– Stealth / Covert Response Knife w/ Sheath –

- Stealth / Covert Response Knife w/ Sheath Extension -

– Stealth / Covert Response Knife w/ Sheath Extension –

- Covert Response Knife Size Comparoson -

The Stealth/Covert Response Knife is not intended to replace a standard combat knife anymore than a surgical scalpel could replace a bone saw.

Although they’re radically different tools, they serve similar purposes but with a refined method of action.

Stealth/Covert Response Knife ///


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Kyle NYC

This reminds me of those lapel daggers that spies used back in the day, but this is like modernized and badasser. I want this, how much?!?!

Jine Niner

I just Googled lapel daggers and you’re right. But they lack ergonomics and power of force.


I’d so buy this. Like you said, it would be pretty cool as a masculine necklace pendant, super covert and stealth knife that looks like jewelry.

Specialist Zero

Perfect world travel friendly (maybe even carry on for flights?) knife. Also, that carbon fiber sheath idea is brilliant.

Q Min TIn

This behind the ear would be quite the stealth knife, great access to.


Something similar, for me, is the CRKT Minimalist (wharncliffe). It’s just big enough to be a defensive slasher, utility cutter, and will stab vitals if needed. It also weighs next to nothing, and can be tucked into damn near anywhere.

If I had to choose a knife like this off the shelf, that’d be the choice for me. I usually pack a couple. One around my neck, another tucked away in case the neck knife gets lost or damaged. Stainless, so it’s great for sitting in the sheath a long time without needing maintenance.


Anyone know if this is still available anywhere?

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