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Obstructures Tools in Titanium, Steel and Small /// VinjatekMultifunctionality and minimalism rarely mix effectively but with intelligent design and engineering the result is an Obstructures.


A tool is only as good as its usability. We did not overload it with functions, but chose to make it do a few things well with serious attention given to ergonomics.


With the lowering cost of metal machining, smaller scale designers have been able to make their concepts of the 1-piece-multi-tool to production. A niche market that has become wildly popular.

I have many from decent to brilliant and rugged to elegant but the Obstructures tool just became my favorite and part of my permanent EDC.

Obstructures Multi-Tool // Vagabonding Gear

- Obstructures Tool (small) w/ USA Quarter Dollar Coin -

– Obstructures Tool (small) w/ USA Quarter Dollar Coin –

- All 3 Obstructures Tools Thickness Comparison -

– All 3 Obstructures Tools Thickness Comparison –

Obstructures have made 3 versions of their multi-tool with 2 different metals; stainless steel and titanium. Each one is machined from a solid piece of metal.

It’s their unique functional design and modernistic aesthetics that makes it more than just a pretty piece of hardware but a tool with a brain. That actually describes quite a few other similar tools available but what really separates the Obstructures models is the integrated pocket clip with a hidden use.

A keychain-like pocket augmenter.

- Obstructures Tool as an EDC Gear Clip -

– Obstructures Tool as an EDC Gear Clip –

Integrated clips on these types of multi-tools have been done long before Obstructures did but they solve a common problem; pocket disorganization – stacked items on the bottom and uncomfortable bulge.

The elongated but unobtrusive clip secures the pocket with a completely flat profile for instant access.

Use it like a keychain or sling by attaching keys, knives, flashlights or any other EDC gear and it can be suspended comfortably in your pocket ready to be deployed. Just pull on the tool like a holster.

Traditional tool functions that also holds tools.

– Obstructures Tool in Self Defense Mode –

An unintended use of Obstructures tools that it could exceptionally be used for is as a self-defense tool.

Nonlethal, legal and technically not classified as a weapon – not to mention airplane safe.

The form of the tool fits snugly and confidently in a fist. The clip with generous jimping increases the grip as well as acting as a shock absorber for impacts.

– Obstructures Tool w/ Gerber Shard Tool –

For years the Gerber Shard Tool has been part of my EDC but the Obstructures tool has dethroned it.

TITANIUM VERSION // // 3.745″ x 0.947″ x .125″ // 0.55 oz

STAINLESS STEEL // // Small and Large Sizes // .65 and 1.75 oz

Obstructures Tools for $32+



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Ohhh me likey… That is a gorgeous tool.


It kinda looks like a futuristic Atwood tool but for a fraction of the price, nice EDC find.


I haven’t had the opportunity to use their pocket tools but I am a fan of Obstructures’ wallet. Their passport protector is also pretty nice.