The most stealthy, concealable and minimal but powerful fist augmenter without the mass bulk and weight of traditional brass knuckles.

“Innovative gear for tactical, outdoor, military and everyday carry applications. Increasing your survival success. Ergonomic, eidetic, functional and progressive design. Defend your body, protect your spirit.”     -Raidops

Titanium Raidops Angry Caesar Fist Augmenter /// Vinjatek
Raidops Angry Caesar Knuck

With a mere footprint of a folded dollar bill and the thickness of 3 quarters, this solid titanium knuckleduster is a devastating hand-to-hand combat defense tool for agile and seamless everyday carry.

I’ve recently acquired the Angry Caesar and other RAIDOPS gear of which gave me a new found respect for impact tools. Exclusively due to their clearly original and stylishly innovative but practical designs.

Although the concept of brass knuckles have been utilized long before the invention of actual brass, the modern yet classic design of them haven’t really changed since their inception. Because it works.

So reinventions weren’t really necessitated other than the use of more advanced materials such as carbon fiber, lexan, T6 aluminum and in this case titanium.

RAIDOPS Angry Caesar Knucks /// Vinjabond

Double heat treated grade 5 titanium and precision machined by hand with a matte finish. A truly unique yet functional design despite its ultra compact size.

The striking area is about 5/8th the size of the “classics” but with the same width palm grips. While also more thin, the overly wide and skeletonized grip offers excellent shock and force protection for the user.

The Angry Caeser also has oval finger rings instead of the standardized perfect circle found on nearly all knuckledusters. This slight difference has a significant advantage; it allows the fingers a natural freedom of movement upon every impact.

Included is their clever polymer Quick Detachment System clip that can be used as part of a neck chain.

RAIDOPS reinvented the classic brass knuckle to have far less mass and volume while retaining most of their power, allowing unprecedented methods of carry.

Assuming locational legalities and permissive status, the Angry Caesar is probably the most perfect self-defense tool of its kind for international travel or as a low pro everyday carry backup backup.

Raidops Centauro Knife w/ Angry Caesar /// VINJABOND
w/ Raidops Angry Caesar Knuck

Made in South Korea // Serial Numbered // 1.41 OZ. / 40 Grams // Grade 5 Titanium Alloy // 2.64″ x 2.99″ x .19″ // HRC 50-52 Hardness

Raidops Angry Caesar Knucks /// $80

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  1. Yup, it’s one of those “shut and take my money” comments.

  2. Teddy Lelser Reply

    Awesome EDC, but kinda off topic, how about brass knuckles made out of depleted uranium?

  3. Specialist Zero Reply

    I need this in my EDC pronto. Also, I don’t know if you noticed, but the name “Angry Caesar” probably has to do with how it looks like an angry face.

  4. Cages2Cloud Reply

    To buy Raidops products it looks like you have to buy from their dealers. I hope they change this because I only saw two who actualy are selling Raidops gear on their sites and it’s very limited, they have some amazing knives as well as EDC self defense tools.

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