A knife without a handle is just a useless unwieldable blade, inversely a standard key utilized with a Tactikey is an overtly wieldable force of defense.

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“Tactikey™ patented design turns your everyday key into your every day carry. Perfectly contoured to fit in your hand for maximum impact. Lightest protection in the world!“

Tactikey /// Vinjatek

Self-defense is a fickle bitch. First you need training in the arts, or a minimal understanding of street combat. Then you need to have it in you to fight back if that’s the only choice (evasion is always the best defense whenever possible). But that’s just half the problem.

If you are able to subdue your assailant, how far do you go? What if you use excessive force and inadvertently go from victim to victimizer? This is often the case when the weapon used for defense is too extreme for the attempted crime.

In some parts of the world, self-defense is categorically illegal and most of the world have complex but strict weapons carry laws.

Self-defense in the real world is a bitch. Weapons help but you have to be wise in what and how you carry.

Firearms, knives and blunt instruments can be effective, perhaps too much so. But the problem is that they’re bulky, can’t be carried into many areas and are completely illegal in certain places.

Seemingly effective defense tools that you can’t always have on your person makes them irrefutably ineffective because of that one time you’ll need it.

Tactikey VS Raidops Angry Caesar /// Vinjatek
Tactikey VS Raidops Angry Caesar /// Vinjatek

This is why the Tactikey($) is an important and refreshing addition to the world of civilian self-defense strategy and everyday carry concepts.

One of the most important factors of a defense tool is its carryability and deployability. As it integrates to any Kwikset key, it can be carried without a thought on your person. Unlike a knife or other traditional weapons, this doesn’t even have to be “deployed” from a concealed / holstered position as it can be “active” and ready to go in your hand – in public.

The interesting thing is that this is not a weapon and it can’t possibly be classified as one. It’s literally a plastic key jacket that you slip around the base. The brilliance of the Tactikey is this simplistic elegance.

Once the Tactikey is formed with a key, it can still be used for its function to open the lock it’s meant to – even better due to increased grip and ergonomics.

Tactikey VS Raidops Mil Mouse /// Vinjatek

If in need of the Tactikey’s tactical function, just place it between your index and middle finger and you have a completely legal force multiplier ready to go.

Similar to the theory of tactical pens, the Tactikey is most certainly not meant to penetrate the subject’s body but to subdue them through extremely painful but non-fatal localized trauma strikes.

Responsible self-defense means maximizing pain but minimizing permanent damage – this isn’t just for the assailant’s sake, but for your own legal safety.

Which is why the Tactikey is so ideal for everyday street carry as well as global travel.

The Tactikey /// Vinjatek

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TPE 110 Composite // 1” x 1.75” x 0.5” // Kwikset Universal // 4 Oz // Global Legal Carry

Tactikey // $9.99

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