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Security is the protection of a person, organization or property from attack. The kind of protection, the entities involved and the types of attacks are infinitely ranging but share one commonality: preservation.     [Excerpt]

Hotel room theft is committed by opportunists, other guests and even the staff. Incident statistics are underestimated because they are rarely reported to the police and hotels prefer to keep such info discreet, meaning it happens more than most people think.

The following are improvised security measures you can implement in your own hotel room using materials and devices you’ll most likely already have on your person as well present in the room itself:



Using a combo of these 9 preventative measures may prove effective but no security is fail-proof.

These methods are intended to deter subjects from their intent when they’re at your door or after they’ve accessed your room when you’re not present.

Never leave the “Please Make Up Room” sign on the doorknob as this broadcasts an unoccupied room.

For a more prepared security measure, carry a cheap and small motion sensor alarm that sets up easily.

[The photo was taken at an insecure container hotel room at the Cambodia / Thailand border.]

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