A Raidops titanium baby beast of a pry bar multi-tool with close quarters battle (CQB) applications. Permissive, low pro and EDC’able.

Raidops CQB Tool /// Vinjabond

So much function for a piece of metal only as long as my middle finger, exactly as thick as three American 25 cent coins and as heavy as a pocket full of feathers.

Raidops’($) latest version of their CQB tool line is THE best pocket pry bar amongst a vast selection of them.

Machined from a solid block of double heat treated grade 5 titanium alloy with a textured dark grey finish. The laser etched branding is subtle and welcoming.

The detachable / adjustable stainless steel spring clip is stonewashed and is tough as hell as it should be for a tool intended for hard and punishing use.

As with all Raidops gear($), the attention to detail, fit and finish is outstanding. Made even more impressive considering they’re all meant to hit things with. Sophisticated blunt instruments, if you will.

- Shard, CQB Tool and Obstructures -
– Shard, CQB Tool and Obstructures –

A browse at your local hardware shop of pry tools will reveal their unavoidable and varied flaws due to their mass produced and low cost construction nature. And that’s okay, because don’t need to be elegant or perfect, they just have to work – and even the cheapest ones do.

But you won’t find the CQB Tool at a brick and mortar shop as each one is handmade in limited runs. Each crafted to an artisan but relatively affordable level.

It’s a high-end piece of kit for those who appreciate the finer things of everyday carry gear.

Lever Pry Edge // Hex Wrench x4 // Box Wrench x2 // Nail Puller // font color=666666> Impact Weapon // Bit / Hex Driver // Bottle Opener // Raidops LE

- Clipped on TAD Pant Pockets -
– Clipped on TAD Pant Pockets –
- Sideview of The Raidops CQB Tool -
– Sideview of The Raidops CQB Tool –
- Close Quarters Battle "CQB" Grip -
– Close Quarters Battle “CQB” Grip –

There are many competent pry tools for far less than the Raidops CQB ($60) that will get the job done. But most are made of inferior materials and subpar construction whereas the CQB Tool is flawless using the finest materials available.

However, there are a few around the same price range that offer the same quality but the design will differ.

Then there’s the brand name pry tools such as the Hinderer TacTool who uses the the same materials at equal quality but at nearly quadruple the price.

Almost any pry tool can be used as a self-defense weapon due to their inherent build; elongated rectangular metal object with a tapered edged.

But the CQB Tool is constructed specifically to be used as an impact weapon while being completely useful as a pry tool and its other built-in tools. While legally carry permissive, non-menacing looking and nonmagnetic.

The perfect vagabonding EDC item.

- Raidops CQB Tool -

Made in South Korea // Adjustable Clip // 1.34 OZ. / 33 Grams // Grade 5 Titanium Alloy // 3.81″ x 0.83″ x .19″ // HRC 46-48 Hardness

Raidops CQB Tool /// $60+

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  1. I concur with your statement, this is the best pry tool bar thing. Also, that pocket clip rocks.

  2. Pew Pew Blam Reply

    Made in Korea? Nice, figured it wash;t Chinese – then it would be like any other tool.

  3. Robert SythRZ Reply

    Got the previous version of this. Love it, its on me all the time. And yeah, the pocket clip really makes it a thousand times better.

  4. This tool looks great.
    Any issues taking it through airport security?

  5. Fantastic bit of kit, or as you put it, baby beast. Been a Raidops collector when they first started and while their stuff is more commercial, it’s still damn good gear.

  6. Got the larger version of the CQC tool, Raidops makes some interesting kit.

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