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- Cuben Fiber Travel Zip Pouch by ZPacks -An overbuilt pocket-sized EDC travel zip pouch that’s as light as a feather but tougher than leather and a protector against bad weather.


Our goal is to go above and beyond to give our customers the best possible gear available. Many of our customers take our gear with them on what may be an adventure of a lifetime and we strive to help make those adventures amazing. We only make gear that we would use ourselves.


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I’ve been looking for something like this for years, before it even existed. A very small and minimal pouch that I can carry for a variety of uses but while as if I’m not carrying another bag. It also had to be rugged and waterproof.

Something that is lightweight but tough, simple but versatile and weatherproof but accessible is not easy to make or find utilizing all those features in one.

There are plenty of pouches and similar bags featuring 1 or 2 of those requirements but I never quite found the trifecta with much promise. That is until I discovered ZPacks and their line of cuben fiber packs.

Yes. “Cuben fiber”, not “carbon fiber”. A high-tech and expensive fabric firstly and mostly used in performance sailing for their incredible durability to weight ratio with better flex resilience than even kevlar. For all intents and purposes, it’s the “carbon fiber of fabric”.

- Cuben Fiber Pouch's Waterproof Zipper

ZPacks offer 8 different sizes. This is the Travel Zip Pouch. At 5″ x 7″ with 2 compartments, it weighs just an ounce (28 grams) and can be crumpled into a ball the size of a large grape (see below) for storage.

The dual zippers are YKK made and seals itself when closed to effectively shield against water and dirt, with the exception of prolonged submersion. Cuben fiber is completely waterproof but every internal seam is taped to further protect against liquid elements.

There are 4 pull tabs that can be used as zipper access handles or to run cordage (included) through them in any number of ways to carry or even wear.

The construction is tight, accurate, designed to endure adventures and are made in the United States.

In fact, the company’s founder is Joe Valesko, who’s had more adventures than I have. He designs and tests all their gear as well as actually making them.

- Cuben Fiber Pouch in Weather Mode -

– Cuben Fiber Pouch in Weather Mode –

- Cuben Fiber Pouch in Passport Travel Mode -

– Cuben Fiber Pouch in Passport Travel Mode –

- Cuben Fiber Pouch in EDC Gear Mode -

– Cuben Fiber Pouch in EDC Gear Mode –

As you can see, despite it’s small size, the versatility for everyday carry, travel and special use is enhanced by the cuben fiber material and minimalist design.

This will be on my person at all times for as long as I can see. It won’t even be used all the time but that’s the point, that I have such a specialized pouch for when I do need it with out the hassle of a thick and heavy one.

A pack-and-forget bag to whip out of my pocket in case of sudden rain to protect sensitive items or for:

Mini EDC Go-Bag, Carry On Kit, Water Storage, Beach + Ocean, Hidden Wallet, Bag Organizer, Survival Kit, Toiletry Kit, Snack Bag

- Cuben Fiber Pouch // Folded Tight -

– Folded Tight –

- Cuben Fiber Pouch // Rolled Up -

– Rolled Up –

- Cuben Fiber Pouch // Size Comparison to $1 USD -

Hybrid Cuben Fiber // Fully Taped Seams // Waterproof Zipeprs // Weight: 1.00 Ounce // Size: 5″x7″ Inches // 7 Colors Available

Cuben Fiber Pouch /// $19+


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