If you’re looking for a quality mid-size multi-tool that’s pocket friendly and affordable with just the most crucial tools, this is the one. The Gerber Crucial review.

Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool /// Vinjabond

There are plenty with far more functions than the Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool($), but that’s why I like and EDC it, because it has just the most crucial tools I need.

I’m not a mechanic or an engineer but a vagabond who likes to be well equipped and prepared. Living out of a backpack, I can only carry so much equipment so each item or in this case tool, is carefully chosen.

The Gerber Crucial fits squarely in the middle in terms of folding multi-tool sizes. Not too small where heavy-duty use would be detrimental to the tool but not too large that it would be a nuisance to equip on your person everyday in your pant pockets.

Along with the 5 just right tools and the integrated deep carry pocket clip, the Crucial is EDC perfect.

- Gerber Crucial w/ Flat Head Screwdriver -
– Flat Head Screwdriver –
- Gerber Crucial w/ Philips Screwdriver -
– Philips Screwdriver –
- Gerber Crucial w/ V Cutter -
– V Cutter –
- Gerber Crucial w/ Half Serrated Blade -
– Half Serrated Blade –
- Gerber Crucial w/ Needle-Nose Pliers-
– Needle-Nose Pliers –

The Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool’s stylized curved handles aren’t for looks but ergonomics and it fits great. Adding grip, comfort and precision when using the pliers.

A trend that’s still relatively rare among folding multi-tools as most are dual symmetrical blocks.

Even rarer is utilizing liner locks of which the Crucial is equipped for every tool (pliers excluded). This means that when a tool is deployed all the way, a steel bar (liner) slides under it and locks it in place. This adds safety and security during hard or unconventional use.

- Gerber Crucial's Liner Lock Mechanism -
– Gerber Crucial’s Liner Lock Mechanism –

The Gerber Crucial’s construction is positively solid which feels confident in the hands but the fit and finish isn’t flawless. However, it does not affect usability and is completely acceptable for this price point.

All the tools deploy smoothly with the blade particularly accessible with one-handed operation. The pliers, while my favorite part of the Crucial, lacks an internal spring.

- Gerber Crucial Compared to The Gerber Dime -
– Gerber Crucial Compared to The Gerber Dime –

Its little brother, The Gerber Dime, is my EDC multi-tool predecessor. Even at half the size of the Crucial, it performs but alas, I needed bigger and tougher pliers.

The Crucial offers an entire toolbox of full-sized components in one rugged stainless steel package.

- Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool -

The Gerber Crucial is one of the best budget mid-sized multi-tools available and probably the single best you can get for the money.

5 Individual Tools // Liner-Lock Mechanism // Ergonomic Handles // Deep Carry Pocket Clip // 1.5″ x 3.6″ x 4.5″ // Weight: 5 Ounces

Gerber Crucial Multi-Tool Review /// Buy

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  1. Specialist Zero Reply

    Just ordered this from your review. Although it was hard choosing this or the Gerber Bullrush, but chose the Crucial because of the pocket clip.

    • Robert SythRZ Reply

      lol, I had the same problem but months ago and also chose the Crucial because of the clip.

  2. Teddy Lelser Reply

    Got the Gerber Dime. Best micro multi-tool ever. This looks good to though.

  3. Ordered a Gerber Crucial after reading your review and it also came with the Gerber Iris flashlight!!! Best deal ever.

  4. Nice brand, I bought several knives and never disappointed.
    very cool tool 🙂

  5. Johnny Diaz Reply

    Got me a Gerber Crucial a while back, not bad for the price.

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