EDC is everyday carry, the philosophy of equipping highly personalized sets of gear. To manage lifestyle and professional situations, daily.

The concept of “everyday carry” dates back 2,600,000 years with the rise of Oldowan – the very first tools used by “people”. Crudely made by shaping bones and stones into what we now call knives and hammers. Prehistoric gear for everyday use.

The term “EDC” is quite new, however. Yet the ideology remains the same; to always carry a certain set of items for the function of functioning for that day.

As intelligent beings with the inherent need for “stuff”, the EDC mindset is practiced by almost all people. Wallets, bags and mobile phones are mandatory items for most people. Tools, keys, gadgets for many others. Weapons, kits and specialty items for some.

Every Day Carry = EDC

So when we start our day, we have a specific set of gear or equipment prepared to carry with us.

EDC is more than just about gear. It’s a philosophy specific to each person…

…of being casually prepared for the expected and unexpected possibilities of daily life.

Covert Operator Travel EDC + SERE Gear Kit - Vinjatek

Acquiring and arranging the perfect everyday carry system to make life more efficient and effective. A system that changes as our needs and lives do. Which means constant changes in gear and setups.

As a vagabond traveling the world as a lifestyle, I have become extremely mindful of the concept of EDC as I live out of my backpack. Making my gear and packing list that much more important. EDC is key.

/// EDC is Everyday Carry

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  1. Oh yeah, EDC is basically the man’s man’s hobby. As boys we collected baseball cards, now its EDC gear.

  2. I never knew there was an actual word for my obsession with my gear, EDC is kinda cool.

  3. I know EDC is everyday carry but when you google “EDC” some music festival thing comes up. It must get confusing for those ravers.

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