A high-end / high-tech compact tactical folding knife applicable for hard use utility, combat defense and international everyday carry.

“All Guardian Tactical USA knives are manufactured in our state of the art facility by the best skilled machinists and assembly technicians in the industry. Employing our award winning critical tolerance testing verification and project completion process.”

Guardian Tactical Exilis Knife /// Vinjabond

As a vagabond who erratically travels from country to country while always equipping an edged tool, it’s rare to find just the right one while abiding by the local laws.

The Exilis is just that knife with parameters that’s legally accepted broadly around the world for carry.

With a 2.9″ blade which is cleverly right under the widely prohibited 3″ length, it is not a small cutting instrument but just perfect for minimalistic or lightweight EDC.

Despite its size, the Guardian Tactical Exilis($) is a formidable tactical knife. Which means it can also be just as formidable in any other cutting task any other pocket knife should perform, but in most cases, better and faster.

- Guardian Tactical Exilis Knife -

Upon close examination of the Guardian Tactical Exilis($), it’s as if it was grown in a lab with genetic modifications to eradicate any imperfections, because this thing is flawless in every visually measurable way.

This is somewhat expected, not because of the $269 price tag but because of the key personnel at Guardian Tactical. With years of experience from Microtech Knives, the finesse of the product with the highest level of quality is identical, but with a different style.

Each Guardian Tactical knife is stamped with a serial number and etched with a production date, naturally. So while these aren’t custom knives, each one is unique.

- Guardian Tactical Exilis Knife -

The Exilis is an almost futuristic tool, utilizing not just the best and latest currently available materials but implementing them in innovating and new ways.

Guardian Tactical Exilis Knife /// VinjatekCrucible’s CPM-154 is used for the blade, one of the finest knife steels there is. The modified clip point blade geometry flows with the deep hollow grind and subtle belly. Exceptional for smooth slip slicing and effortlessly catastrophic penetrations.

Hard coat anodized T6 aluminum handles unify the Exilis like a surgical tank. Expertly crafted and machined to an unorthodox but ergonomic and confident grip.

Dual ceramic bearing pivot system with precision detent enabling the most fluid and powerful “flipping” actuation while negating blade play to absolute zero.

The Exilis is the first ever to be implemented with an adjustable lockbar system, made from titanium no less. This reduces wear and tear related issues to almost none as well as custom control of blade deployment.

Made in The USA EDC Kit /// Vinjatek
Made in The USA EDC Kit ///

Guardian Tactical is a relatively new company but if the Exilis is any indication of their future of edged design and engineering, it’s going to be a sharp and bright one.

Made in The United States // CPM-154 Steel 2.9″ Blade // 6061-T6 Hard Coat Handles // Adjustable Titanium Lockbar // Ceramic Ball Bearing Pivot // Serial Numbered and Dated

Guardian Tactical Exilis /// Buy

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    • Is it wrong I got turned on when he talked about the actual blade? “The modified clip point blade geometry flows with the deep hollow grind and subtle belly. Exceptional for smooth slip slicing and effortlessly catastrophic penetrations.” lol

  1. I need this in my EDC. I just looked at Guardian Tactical’s other knives and they got some sick goods…. There goes my paycheck!

  2. Pew Pew Blam Reply

    Ceramic ball bearings? The blade must fly out super smooth.

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