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Survival Go-Bag /// VinjatekThis is a series of posts about ‘how to live out of a backpack’ as a vagabond, minimalist, nomad, expat, traveler or for everyday life as a lifestyle.

One does not need a home full of things to live. Just like ancient times, all we need is what we can carry on our backs.

-John Cain

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A walk inside the home of a genius will reveal a chaotically organized mess but inside their briefcase you’ll discover an immaculate system of order.

It’s best achieved by compartmentalization; placing items within each similar type of item together and separated from non-similar items to OCD levels.

In regards to packing my backpack to live out of it, I leave nothing mixed and everything within a separate bag or container within that backpack.

The VINJABOND Backpack Setup Guide: The Surface

The most obvious separation technique is clothing / gadgets / equipment / footwear / toiletries.

While those are probably naturally compartmentalized anyways, you should go deeper into subcategories.

I use the various sizes of Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes to divide my socks, underwear, pants and shirts like placing them in their own “drawer”. So my backpack is as organized as a wardrobe and becomes a mobile closet.



Furthermore, deeper clothing separation will be more hygienic. Underwear and socks never touching your shirts or pants. Dirty laundry can be isolated by placing them in a plastic bag when needed.

Although these additional bags and containers will slightly add more weight to your overall haul, it will greatly increase space by compressing mass.

- FAST Pack Litespeed as EDC Daypack -

Even if you unpack the entire contents of your backpack, this high level of compartmentalizing with inner bags will make repacking incredibly easy and efficient.

As suppose to shoving, shifting and compounding each individual item into your backpack every time.

[The backpack I live out of is the FAST Pack Litespeed.]

How to Live Out of a Backpack:

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