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“I’ve got less than 15,000 days before I die to explore the 197,000,000 square miles of Earth and try its infinite experiences.

What is it about violence and destruction that fascinates us? Why can’t we look away from terrible car accidents? And why are natural disasters so monstrously beautiful despite their ugly aftermath?

The more monstrous, the more magnificent the spectacle and there is probably nothing else like watching a volcano erupt in all its glory in all of Earth.

- Tourists Watching a Volcano Erupt -
– Tourists Watching a Volcano Erupt –

Volcanoes are after all, the most powerful natural forces in the world. I am human so it makes sense that I want to see this force in action, up close and personal.

It has to be the awesomest naturally occurring event that the human eye can comprehend – surreal visuals like spectacular special effects in real life.

Lava, or mistakenly but graciously called “liquid fire” soaring out like hell explosively breaching to the surface with a greatly overwhelming amount of ash that blot out the sun or stars like a viral invasion.

- Flying Over an Erupting Volcano -
– Flying Over an Erupting Volcano –
- Driving Along an Erupting Volcano -
– Driving Along an Erupting Volcano –
- Watching Lava Flow From an Erupting Volcano -
– Watching Lava Flow From an Erupting Volcano –

But it’s not just a visual experience. The waving heat and burning with a mind of its own forces you to feel what you’re seeing, supersaturating your senses.

Before I Die… watch a volcano erupt.

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  1. Pew Pew Blam Reply

    Been to a couple of volcanoes but never one that’s actually erupting, I can’t even imagine watching lava coming out – INSANE.

  2. I’d be happy just to see some lava flowing right by my feet, waiting for it to dry then take a chunk of it as a souvenir.

    • Hah, that’s a pretty good way to describe watching a volcano erupt.

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