A palm-sized polymer canister built for battle, adventure or everyday carry of small items. A tactical-practical personal storage device.

“Lock in your valuables and LockOut the environment. The LockOut is a water proof personal storage device.”     -SS Precision

- S&S LockOut Opened Closeup -

Vagabonding and living out of a backpack keeps me packing ultralight, efficient and always looking to augment ways to carry. The newly released LockOut by S&S Precision is now a part of that system.

The LockOut allows me to EDC compact things otherwise difficult or awkward with traditional means while being protected from the elements.

Similar in size to dipping tobacco cans, these are designed pocketable, making it convenient to access and open. It’s great to put in small but frequently used items, ready to be grabbed from your pocket. Due to their light but tough build, they’re equally great for stuffing in a backpack with no risk of being crushed.

The LockOut contents are protected from the outside and the outside is protected from the contents.

Made from a high-density plastic, the build is stiffer than you’d expect for it’s light weight. The LockOut securely locks in with just a 1/4 turn sealed by an o-ring. The mil-spec design and tight construction armors its contents from heavy impacts as well as dust and complete water submersion to 30 meters.

The LockOut is one of those storage devices you may not need as an EDC like a wallet but it could be an indispensable part of any other packing list or kit.

Made in The USA // External Dimension: 2.5″ // Waterproof to: 120 Feet // Internal Dimension: 2″

S&S LockOut /// $24+

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  1. Dna Fortina Reply

    I like this, I need this for my daypack kit. A bit pricey but loving the tactical look of it.

  2. I got the SS Precision Pocket Shiv in orange after you reviewed it, when this comes out in pink or orange, instabuy.

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