Aptly named, this is a minimalistic everyday wear belt that’s visually and fitted low profile with tactical and EDC capabilities: Dynamis Belt.

“We believe that everything you carry should have several functions, as well as its intended usage, without being complicated. The Low Pro belt is a product of this mentality.“     Dynamis Alliance

- Dynamis Low Pro Belt w/ SERE Kit -

It’s amazing what you can do with a clothing accessory that’s merely meant to secure your pants in place.

It can hold gear, conceal valuables or many other strategic and utility applications. But these additions and augments to a basic belt tend to make them bulky, cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Furthermore, additional equipment needs to be acquired or difficult / irreversible modifications needs to be made.

Dynamis Alliance and Dom Raso recognized this problem and came up with the Low Pro Belt.

The Dynamis Low Pro Belt is nigh overengineered yet positively minimalistic, a clever fusion of design and construction that offers more utility and function than the material is made up of. A lightweight workhorse.

Stiff but not too stiff, the band is the same build as a car seatbelt (or close to it). So there’s plenty of flexibility for comfort yet tough enough for serious hard use.

Instead of a traditional buckle, the Dynamis Belt utilizes the “hook and loop” closure method. This adds to the low profile detail as well as rapid removal of the belt.

Dynamis Low Pro Belt /// Vinjatek

Hidden pockets in belts are nothing new, Pacsafe and Eagle Creek makes their own versions. They’re both solid belts for their intended purposes but they’re not rigid enough, has metal parts, made of comparatively delicate materials and the (single) pocket can only be accessed with the belt completely removed.

The Dynamis belt has 3 different pockets placed conveniently within reach and strategically for certain situations. All accessible with the belt still on.

The Dynamis Low Pro Belt is now an integral part of my permanent vagabonding packing list. The only belt I’ll need for world travel, adventure and everyday life.

Made in The U.S.A. // Buckleless Velcro Closure // 3 Concealed Stash Pockets // Flame Retardant

Dynamis Low Pro Belt /// $49+

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  1. Jones Ing 4 Mo Reply

    I have the Pacsafe Money Belt but this one looks sick! Being copped!

  2. I usually would never wear a belt where the buckle showcases the company’s logo like an advertisement but I like how they did it with the Dynamis one. It works.

  3. Dna Fortina Reply

    What’s that ring thing attached to that string on the back pocket?

    • JOHN V CAIN // Reply

      It’s a kevlar cutting saw for restraints.

  4. I wear my Dynamis Belt everyday!! Its awesome!! 20 quarters to the face, No Bueno…

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