The modern nomad is a thriving and deliberately evermoving lifestyle traveler using contemporary and innovative means of supporting oneself.

NOMAD: A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route or circuit according to the state of the pasturage or food supply.”     –Dictionary

The word “nomad” or a variation of it dates back to pre and early civilization. When humans had to migrate constantly for resources to resources and from season to season. The original nomads traveled because they had to, it was a necessity, an integral part of their way of life and literal survival.

It’s a logical and a most effective way of living which is still practiced today by many cultures such as the Nomads of Mongolia. But as the world has evolved, so has the kinds of nomads there are.

The idea of backpacking around a country or the world stems from the original way of the nomads. Traveling slowly and deliberately from place to place, resting, revitalizing, experiencing, learning and living. A mere tourist goes somewhere to see “it” but a backpacker goes somewhere to live “it”. A modern nomad is a more evolved or professional version of a backpacker.

Biru Meno Bungalows Hotel in Gili Meno Island, Indonesia /// Vinjatek
Working From My Bungalow on Gili Island, Indonesia

A modern nomad is completely self-sufficient and location independent, not just temporarily but indefinitely. Travel and tourism is still the root of our spirit but being a world citizen is our core.

To view all of the world as our home, not places to get away from it. We travel wherever and whenever because we want to and only sometimes because we have to; for work and other engagements.

A digital nomad is one of the same, just a more specific version of it. We use modern technology that again, is location independent to earn a living.

This very website is an example. It won’t get me rich but it does pay the bills and I do enjoy working on it when I can. Although I’m retired from my “real” job, I, like the many others in our former profession, take a consulting contract once in a while.

Vinjatek Loadout ///
A Loadout For Consulting at an Undisclosed Location

To operate Vinjatek, all I need is a decent laptop with an internet connection and for the consultancy, an encrypted mobile phone – nothing more.

That makes me a modern nomad and I love this life, the freedom and flexibility, the experiences and educations. But it can’t and shouldn’t last forever. Regardless, it’s a completely sustainable way of life.

The beauty of it is, is that this doesn’t make me special, particularly talented or even lucky.

Because anyone with the desire to live a nomadically responsible life can do it. It is so very obtainable… There are many thousands of us modern nomads.

If you’re a Pro Member and want to learn more about this modern life nomadic, contact me.

Sorry to everyone else, I have a hard enough time getting back to my members.

[The featured photo was taken in a temporary digital nomad “office” on Gili Meno Island, Indonesia.]

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  1. You got the life sir! But I’ve been carefully learning from you and have been preparing to be a modern nomad myself. Thank you and I look forward to more.

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