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“Nothing is safe if you poke at it long enough. There are always imperfections, workarounds, gaps and anything can be broken – all that can be done is increase how long a breach would take in an attack. The better the security, the longer that time is…     –[excerpt]

The purpose of an improvised proximity alert system is to be instantly notified of the presence of human activity around and or inside a structure or otherwise enclosed space that you’re actively occupying.

Furthermore, these systems are made on the fly with only the items and equipment on your person and immediately within reach of the occupied space.

This type of real-time information can produce strategic advantages to use in a variety of scenarios.

20 Improvised Proximity Alert Methods:



Each method of alert is powered or activated by the target subject(s). The effect of each “activation” is intended to cause one or more of these results;

– Disrupts The Subject’s Intended Action

– Deters The Subject From Further Action

– Alerts You of a Proximity Contact

– Alerts You of a Proximity Breach

These are effectively passive triggering mechanisms that detect or react to physical movement.

For strategy and security.

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