Vinjatek’s Favorite Gear of 2017This is a list of my favorite gear that’s currently a part of my packing list and EDC – acquired throughout 2017 that I feel are the most exceptional.

Despite my ultralight packing method as a vagabond, I go through and replace my active equipment and apparel quite rapidly. The minimalist way of my nomadic life enables me to keep only what I need as well as the best of what’s available. This is the result:

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Backpack /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout

The latest and most compact rucksack in the FAST Pack line from TAD. I’ve been searching and waiting for a pack of this size (15 liters) made with this type of specification; tactical, agile, rugged and configurable.

This rarely made size for a backpack of this type is ideal for mobility EDC packing, go-bag concepts, survival kits, short term trekking and workouts.

I’ll be using it for all that, but more importantly it’s now my primary bag for my life of world travel.

Goodbye FAST Pack EDC, hello FAST Pack Scout.


Available for about $195 >>>

Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic T Shirt /// Vinjabond

Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic T-Shirt

How do you get away with charging $110 for a t-shirt? Make the label say “Made in Italy”… How do you justify charging $110 for a t-shirt? Make it worth $110.

This is the most amazing t-shirt I have ever worn. Specifically it’s probably the most advanced technical shirt available and certainly the toughest – without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

As the name states, it’s got actual ceramic particles embedded throughout the shirt for abrasion protection – also, it cools the body like AC.


Available for about $110 >>>

Leatherman Charge TTi /// Vinjatek

Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool

For general purpose and without going custom, this is the best multi-tool money can buy right now. There are many others you can get for far less to essentially do the same jobs, but this just happens to be king.

It’s finely constructed and filled with an array of practical tools like any other premium multi-tool. But what’s really special about this is the titanium scales and an S30V steel blade – that’s right, Leatherman used a “supersteel” on these.

It’s overkill in the best possible sense.


Available for sale here >>>

LALO Shadow Amphibian 5" Boots /// Vinjatek

LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian Boots

These are by far my favorite boots of all time, but they are an enigma. They’re tactical boots but wear like basketball sneakers, they repel water like a beast but by letting it all in and finally, they’re tougher than leather but as light as a feather.

There are many a tactical boot built for specific purposes, but to be simplistic, these are the grail tactical boot – for both land and water.

Now, I’m on hooked on their sneakers as well.


Available for sale here >>>

Nomad PowerPlant /// Vinjatek

Nomad PowerPack

One of the most important items for a digital nomad like myself is a reliable USB battery pack. I’ve gone through a shitload of them over the years, picking them up for next to nothing at random shops and markets around the world.

But most are shitty. However, there are many excellent battery packs that cost far less than these with even higher capacities.

Regardless, I really like these. The real rubber casing, the use of USB-C for fast / multiple device charging and the location tracking capabilities via Tile make this my favorite battery of 2017.


Available for sale here >>>

Goruck Simple Windbreaker /// Vinjatek

Goruck Simple Windbreaker

“A Windbreaker that is tough and simple. Ready for any wind, rain, or mud and already dry by the time you show up to the bar.” That’s their product description, marketing lingo or not, it worked on me and I bought mine the hour Goruck released it on their website.

Made from their famed “ToughDry” fabric, this is a most excellent material for a jacket like this. It fits real nice, looks damn good and does the job it’s supposed to, as advertised.

I like this so much that I wear this over the highly complex Stealth Hoodie LT even when the weather demands I use the latter.


Available for about $90 >>>

Black Scout Survival Concealment Belt /// Vinjatek

Black Scout Survival Concealment Belt

Like the Shadow Amphibian Boots, this belt is also “grail” because I believe this is the finest belt of this kind available. It’s a timeless albeit tactical style that I’ve always admired. The construction is almost on par with high fashion Italian-made apparel but significantly more resilient and utilitarian.

And that’s why this belt supersedes other belts like this, its (extra) utility… The concealment features.

Cleverly hidden and strategically placed are 2 pockets along the interior of the rigid belt webbing.


Available for about $85 >>>

VSSL Mini Cache Black /// Vinjatek

VSSL Mini Cache

I have the larger VSSL Supplies Cache as part of my vagabonding packing list and packed into my secondary but larger bag. But this mini version I keep in my FAST Pack Scout.

The size is perfect, even for a minimalist. Aside from the storage space, the powerful LED flashlight on one end and a compass on the other make this a multi-functional tool I really value.

This has also been a part of my urban survival EDC.


Available for about $65 >>>

Jabra Elite Sport /// Vinjatek

Jabra Elite Sport

Arguably the gold standard of truly wireless bluetooth earbuds, I got these at an airport in Europe after my Jbirds crapped out suddenly. The freedom of using these are liberating.

Awesome sound, fitness tracker, heartbeat monitor and crazy long battery life. Which can be tripled with the carrying case that charges the earbuds without it being plugged in to an external power source.

I ain’t ever going back to wired, ever.


Available for sale here >>>

Vinjatek’s Favorite Gear of 2017

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  1. Gend EDCer Reply

    That’s a very impressive list by dude, wish I had the money after Christmas.

  2. Got the boots and belt after your reviews. Way more expensive than what I usually get but they were definately worth every penny.

    Gonna get that Goruck jacket next.

  3. Vinjatek’s Best Contest of 2018?

    Win 1 of everything Mr. Cain carries. 🙂

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