I have survival / tactical / bug out / life kit go-bags stashed all over the world and I’m giving away 15 of them… It’s yours, if you can find them. -pro updates

For more than a decade I’ve been doing the “vagabond survival prepping method” of which evolved from stashing small city-specific go-bags around the world as part of my former operative profession.

This is a giveaway by way of scavenger hunting on a global scale. If you can find and reach them, it’s yours to take. This hunt is open to all.

It won’t be easy. They are securely hidden within populous urban areas with a few exceptions, going back as far as 12 years. Most are easily accessible if you already know it’s there but are meant to be undiscoverable for years.

Each go-bag is strategically packed specifically for the city or terrain they are located in. Regardless, they are all well stocked and useful for the average Vinjatek reader.

[See also ‘ Vagabond Survival Prepping Method‘ and ‘The Vinjatek Backpack Setup Guide‘ posts.]

- FAST Pack Litespeed Models w/ New FAST Pack EDC 2015 -

Each go-bag and its contents will vary. Some are duffle packs, most are backpacks and a few are small, waterproof dry bags(?).

The one thing all go-bags will have in common is the cash prize. No less than 100 US dollars or Euros are in each one along with micro bars of PAMP ($) gold or platinum.

All of them are double or triple sealed for waterproofness and weather resistance but obvious with visual contact.

No two go-bags are the same however, as most were made impromptu with only the resources available within the vicinity of the kit’s location and current possessions.

The Go-Bag Concept /// Vinjatek

Go-Bag Items List // ***Each kit contents will vary

-Backpack, Duffle Bag or Dry Bag [?]

-MRE’s, Canned Foods and Vitamins

-Bottled Water and Energy Shot


-Water Treatment Tablets [?]

-Prescription Contact Lenses

-Kevlar Vest or Shield

-Climbing Rope and Gear

-Gas Mask

-Euros and US Dollars

-Gold and Platinum Bullion [?]

-Urban / SERE Kit [?]

-Wilderness Kit [?]

-First Aid / Trauma Kit

-Knife, Machete and other Weapons [?]

-CB and Two-Way Radio

-Full Change of Clothes [?]

-Solar Charger

-Multi Tool and Pry Bar [?]

-Flashlight and Chemlights

-Sleeping Bag or Jacket [?]

-SD Card w/ Data

Vagabonding Destinations // Philippines /// VIINJABOND

Go-Bag Locations // ***Only giveaway cities listed

New York, Hong Kong, Cairo, Atlanta, Prague, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Siem Reap, Miami, Las Vegas, Berlin, Tokyo, San Diego and Bali.

A post will be published periodically on the location of go-bags for specific cities which will also include clues.

This scavenger hunt giveaway is open to all but only Pro Members will have access to clues, of which further details will be disseminated in the Restricted section of this site.

The only rule is I ask that each finder / winner let me know when one is found, a photo would be nice to.

To non-members, sign up for the newsletter to be notified of locale posts… Good luck and happy hunting.

[The featured photo was taken in Guangzhou, China.]

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  1. This is really nice. we (me, wife and Baby) are ready to find one in our city! 😉 I got them both in camouflage haha

  2. Is the one pictured “Tools, Survival and Trauma” one of the kits to? If so, which locale?

  3. Aleksandr Miljkovic Reply

    Aahhhh…. seems like I’m close to one…. interesting.

  4. Yassss! Got a kit in my city as well as in 2 of the cities im visiting… Looking forward to the intel, please hurrrrry!

  5. Nam Truong Reply

    uuh yes I’m sitting in between of two bags in europe, look forward for the intel

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