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SERE Pouch 1 Kit : Review /// Vinjatek Poster


SERE Pouch 1 Kit : Review

SERE Pouch 1 by Triple Aught Design /// VinjatekThe Triple Aught Design SERE Pouch 1 is an ultra-compact contingency kit / tool bag for specialized purposes; escape, entry and urban survival.

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The SERE Pouch 1 (SP1) is a micro tool roll engineered to provide secure and rapid access to survival, evasion, resistance and escape tools. Using vertical and horizontal compression, small tools can be secured into 5 flexible compartments or a removable micro sheath.

-Triple Aught Design

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The SERE Pouch 1 is unique. It is not a bag for everyone. It is not a pouch for random items. However, it fills the niche it’s intended to with exactness.

TAD SERE Pouch 1 Opening and Closing /// VinjatekIt’s useless to most but indispensable to those that need and know how to use such an odd carrying device.

Strip the catchy product name (“SERE” = Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) and what’s left to call this is “tiny tool roll bag”. Tool bags that roll up are nothing new but are meant to carry the most typical tools; hammers, pliers, wrenches etc.

The idea is the same, to have a spontaneous mobile work space handy for general tasks on the fly. Unroll the kit and presented to the user is an organized set of tools to get shit done right then and there.

The SERE Pouch 1, regardless of the loadout, is designed for more specific and specialized tasks.

SERE Pouch 1 by Triple Aught Design /// Vinjatek

SERE Pouch 1 Opened /// Vinjatek

SERE Pouch 1 with Kit /// Vinjatek

The actual “roll” part of the pouch isn’t much different from other tool roll bags. It’s essentially nylon that folds over itself as an enclosure with elastic bands to secure each item of each pocket in place.

It’s not rocket science as there isn’t much else you can do, it’s a design that works perfectly as intended. The SERE Pouch 1 differs in the material used. It’s still rugged nylon but it’s Cordura® brand nylon. That shit ain’t cheap, because it ain’t cheap shit.

The other difference is that these are made in the United States of America, that’s exceedingly rare with not just tool roll bags but all tool bags and boxes.

The SERE Pouch 1 may be a “roll” bag, but it actually closes flat. The 5 pockets are separated into 3 sections with 2 small pockets in each end and 1 large pocket in the center. It closes up like a trifold wallet.

A lateral elastic strap compresses the pouch tightly then the metal g-hook connects vertically to the nylon strap for further compression. No rattling sounds or loose equipment moving about.

SERE Pouch 1 /// Belt Setup

SERE Pouch 1 /// Belt Setup

SERE Pouch 1 /// Backpack Setup

SERE Pouch 1 /// Backpack Setup

It’s real solid once it’s wrapped up, making it ideal for any type of carry; pocket, belt, MOLLE or carabiner.

The integrated MOLLE point can be used to attach the SERE Pouch 1 or the nylon strap to attach it to wider attachment points on a different axis. But I’ve modified it for better efficiency and speed:



Made in The USA Tag /// Triple Aught DesignThe SERE Pouch 1 has and will continue to be a most important carrying device for me.

But a word of advice, don’t get this unless you already know how and for what you’ll be using it for.

It’s a specialized pouch for specialized purposes so it’s not for everyone, but if it is for you, you will value it.

500 Denier Cordura® // Packed: 2.75” x 4.00” // 8.00” x 7.25” Open // 5 Pockets // Made in The USA

TAD SERE Pouch 1 // $25

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[Also featured in this review is a Black Scout Survival Concealment Belt + Wallet, TAD FAST Pack Scout, EDC Card and FTD Alpha Touch Gloves.]

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  1. Danny Reg.

    01/08/2018 at 10:48 AM

    Love this pouch, been using it as an entry kit for work. Been on my belt like how you have it for speedy access.

  2. Specialist Zero

    01/08/2018 at 3:16 PM

    Can you give some insight and recomendation to Triple Aught Design’s included SERE kit items?

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