I’ve searched far and wide through the many multi-tool cards out there and have finally found one worthy of a slot in my wallet… The EDC Card.

“Inspired by high-end outdoor/military knives, the Everyday Carry Card follows the EDC credo of usefulness, minimalism, quality, and high versatility—all in a handheld package that consumes little space.“     -Tyler Lacor, Founder of CHA/O/HA

Cha/O/Ha EDC Multi-Tool Card - VINJABOND

Made in The United States // 30+ Tools and Functions // Weight: 2 ounces // CPM S35VN or 3V Steel // Nigh Indestructible // 82.6 x 52.4 x 2.4mm

Just like knives, the best tool is the one you have with you and with the Cha/O/Ha EDC Card, you can’t get more “with” then when it’s inside your wallet.

Making a legitimate multi-tool the size of a credit card without crossing over to gimmicky or novelty is not an easy task. Look for yourself, there’s lots of options but most of them are for a lack of a better word, crap.

Minimal. Modular. Versatile.

You’d expect a tool thin enough to fit in a credit cart slot of a wallet to be too delicate for hard use. But no, this thing is tougher than any anything else in your toolbox. If you’re a metallurgist or a knife enthusiast, then you know that statement is not an exaggeration.

That’s because the EDC Card is made entirely of S35VN stainless steel. For all intents and purposes, a super metal usually reserved for the high(est)-end and most expensive knives. It’s rare, coveted and praised.

- Cha/O/Ha EDC Card w/ Assailant Card in a Wallet -
– Cha/O/Ha EDC Card w/ Assailant Card in a Wallet –

Unless it’s professionally or recreationally specific to the person, hauling 30 different tools is not ideal for minimalist or even typical everyday carry.

With Cha/O/Ha’s EDC Multi-Tool Card you can for all-the-time-carry while retaining minimalism with maximum utility. It’s like a tiny sleeping giant resting snugly in your wallet with potential far exceeding it’s physical size, like a rich man’s credit card.

It’s a real multi-tool for serious EDC.

- Cha/O/Ha EDC Card Repairing a Microtech Knife -
– Cha/O/Ha EDC Card Repairing a Microtech Knife –

23 Hex Wrench Sizes // 5 x 0.8mm Flathead Driver // Bottle Opener // Tapered Straight Edge // Prybar, Nail Lifting Slot // 1/4″ Hex Driver, Retention // #2 Phillips Driver // Metric + Imperial Ruler

EDC Multi-Tool Card $50+ /// buy

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  1. Damn it John! Stop doing these gear reviews!!! You’re making me broke!!!

  2. Specialist Zero Reply

    I would have gawked at the $60 price but considering it’s s35vn steel, it’s a good price. I just need to justify “needing” this.. hmm.

  3. Who makes the gloves that is holing the “Swiss tech micro max and the edc multi-tool card”?

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