///   One Simple Thing I’m Doing This Year to Lose a Little Weight

Fruit Shop in Taipei, Taiwan /// VinjatekAlright, I’m not “fat”, but I’ve also never been as fat as I am now. I’ve been too kind to my taste buds this past year and my physique is paying for it.

I want fitness in my life but I don’t want exercise to take up too much of my life. So I never hit the gym but I like to maintain a certain physique.

-John Cain

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My six pack is now a bag of one and my ass has too much ass, devolving from beach body towards the beginning stages of a dad bod. All because of a small but ever increasing vice I have for sweets.

This is a problem. A small problem, but a problem nonetheless. I like to keep my body in as good a shape as possible without hitting the gym or taking the joy out of eating. It’s always worked for me until now.

I’d like to blame the fact that I’m in my mid-30’s and my metabolism has slowed down suddenly. I’m sure it contributes but I know the the exact cause; my increase for snacking throughout 2017.



I just want to lose 5 – 10 pounds by this time next year and to do that, I have to stop doing the action that caused this problem; snacking too much.

Like I said, I don’t want to take the joy out of eating in my life. So my solution; the one simple thing I’m doing this year to lose weight is eating fruit in replacement of candy, pastries, chips and other delicious crap.

Penang Jungle Bridge Trekking /// Vinjatek

Body Goals: My Younger Self

Nothing else in my life has changed except my sudden snacking habit this past year. I’m still active and workout the same since I retired so this must be it.

It can be argued that I’m just going from one addiction to another. I suppose that’s not wrong, but fruit is so right. And it’s not nearly as easy to get fruit as a vagabond, so overindulging shouldn’t be aproblem.

I’ll check back on January 9th 2019 with an update on the progress. If you have any tips, let us know in the comments. Wish me luck.

[The photos were taken at a fruit market in Taipei and on a jungle bridge in Malaysia, respectively.]

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