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Toughbook CF19 in the Jungle /// Vinjatek


Vinjatek’s Recommended Websites

Toughbook CF19 in the Jungle /// VinjatekThis is a curated and constantly updated list of recommended blogs, shops and other online sites recommended to Vinjatek members and followers.

If you operate or know a website that should be on this list, contact me or leave a comment below and it’ll be added if it fits the criteria. None of these sites paid to be on this list, just truly useful resources I believe you may find as assets. Sites are not in any particular order.

-John Cain

Affiliate Link Disclosure /// Vinjatek

Black Scout Survival Logo

      Black Scout Survival is a veteran owned and operated company that made its mark through their high quality YouTube videos about both urban and wilderness survival. They also have an outstanding online shop of relevant gear, I currently equip their belt, pen and flashlight.

VISIT SITE »       

Yomp Notes Logo

      Run by Neil Stevens, an avid hiker and adventurer from the United Kingdom, uses his experience to write about gear loadouts and everyday carry. Specializing in rucksacks (particularly Goruck) and intelligent equipment modifications and packing systems.

VISIT SITE »       

Triple Aught Design Logo

      If it wasn’t obvious, Triple Aught Design is one of my all-time favorite gear brands in the world. An American company with American made products, they make some of the best, most innovative and reliable tactical / adventure gear available. I’ve been wearing much of their clothes and equipment for years.

VISIT SITE »       

Wandering Earl Logo

      I’ve been vagabonding nonstop for nearly 7 years but Earl has been traveling the world for 18 years straight. If I’m an expert nomad, he’s a master nomad. Very few people can claim this level of being a world citizen than him. His blog has an immense wealth of travel intel like no other, in fact, it was one of the first blogs that inspired me to travel.

VISIT SITE »       

The Loadout Room Logo

      The Loadout Room is a lifestyle blog for the rugged and operative man, focusing on tactical, survival, camping, firearms, medical, preparedness, skillsets and gear reviews. They churn out lots of continuous great content with minimal ads considering their robust magazine style site.

VISIT SITE »       

LALO Tactical Logo

      Makers of arguably the most advanced and technical footwear for both athletic and tactical uses. I currently wear the Shadow Amphibian Boots (used by Special Forces) and Zodiac Recon AT Sneakers – both my favorite types of footwear I’ve ever worn. They also have a great Instagram feed.

VISIT SITE »       

True North Tradecraft Logo

      Boris Milinkovich is the owner or True North Tradecraft, a personal security consultancy and survival strategy blog utilizing a unique Canadian perspective. There’s also a book and an online shop.


      Although I don’t use this site as often, it still comes in handy when looking for specific details of a new country from actual people who are already there. It’s part messageboard, social network and Craigslist(in a good way). It’s like TripAdvisor for expats but without the bullshit.

VISIT SITE »       

Expert Vagabond Logo

      The Expert Vagabond site is edited by Matthew Karsten, a fellow vagabond like myself. He’s been living nomadically around the world for 9 years and his inspiring stories and photography is what makes him stand out in the crowded world of travel blogs.

VISIT SITE »       

Pack Config Logo

      I remember Pack Config as a mere Tumblr blog but has since evolved into an authority on the art of travel, adventure, tactical and lifestyle gear packing. How to pack, what to pack, where to pack and for what to pack it for.

VISIT SITE »       

*This list will be updated frequently.

[The featured photo is of my Panasonic Black Cobra Toughbook CF-19 laptop, taken in the Catskill Mountain in upstate New York.]

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SPNB /// LALO Tactical
100 Deadly Skillset Book /// SPN
Yomp Notes /// SPN
UrbanCred: Gear For Your Life in Motion /// SPN
SPNB /// Goruck


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  1. TOMMY27

    03/13/2019 at 2:04 AM

    Hi John
    As always,many thanks for the info and insight,take care-“Be seeing you ” -that’s an old one !!!


  2. Named Noname

    03/13/2019 at 8:37 AM

    Great list, hope you’ll add mine once it’s finished 🙂

  3. Johnny Diaz

    03/16/2019 at 3:14 PM

    How about Ed’s Manifesto?

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