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Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype, Control Panel 2 and Transport Sleeve /// VinjatekTriple Aught Design is an American brand that produces high-end tactical / adventure / survival / outdoor / military equipment and apparel.

Mission Capable. Whether on your toughest missions or in your everyday adventures, we know that exceptional quality and engineered functionality will help you succeed.

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Triple Aught Design

I’ve been an avid user of Triple Aught Design products since 2012 with their FAST Pack Litespeed backpack. My packing lists, EDC and menswear have been variously equipped with “TAD Gear” ever since.

Of the many Triple Aught Design reviews I’ve published, there’s far more gear that I have used and currently equip that haven’t been personally reviewed.

My current loadout consists of; Transport Cubes (x5), Recon AC Pant, Alchemy Half-Zip Baselayer, FAST Pack Scout VX42, Control Panel 2, Transport Sleeve, Life Capsule Omega, RDDP1 Pouch.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack VX42 Prototype /// Vinjatek

FAST Pack VX42 Prototype // Hanoi, Vietnam

Triple Aught Design has a reputation of being exclusive and therefore expensive, at least compared to their competitors such as 511 Tactical.

However, TAD does make a better product, not just in design, but manufacturing as well. The quality, attention to detail and the materials used is superior. In this case you get what you pay for.

For a non-mainstream brand, there’s a lot of counterfeit Triple Aught Design gear out there and stolen styles from other reputable brands.

FAST Pack Scout VX42 Black Admin Pocket /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design Prototype Gear

Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Kit /// Vinjatek

Control Panel 2 With Loadout

Covert Operative EDC Kit // Triple Aught Design Life Capsule Omega

Triple Aught Design Survival Kit

Very few brands in the same field, with Goruck being an exception, can match their packs and bags.

However, Triple Aught Design’s technical clothing line is strides ahead of Goruck’s current apparel, perhaps on par with Arc’teryx and Vollebak.

TAD does not mass produce their goods. Instead making limited and short-runs of their product line.

This allows for better quality control and adds a rarity factor. Also, everything they make is made in the USA, further heightening the overall quality of their gear.

With the exception of some of their clothes being made in Canada. But never in China or other countries notorious for cheap labor and manufacturing.

They don’t just make great gear, they stand behind their products with excellent customer service.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype, Control Panel 2 and Transport Sleeve /// Vinjatek

New TAD product releases and restocks (which occur weekly), often sell out within hours to days. So it’s best to join their newsletter to be alerted accordingly. Alternately, the TAD Junkies Facebook page is a great place to buy or sell used TAD gear.

A Triple Aught Design promo code or coupon rarely comes along but they do often have sales and close outs. Alternately, their occasional Foundry projects offer semi-custom and experimental products.

Mount Batur w/ TAD Raptor Hoodie /// Vinjatek

TAD Gear: Raptor Hoodie @ Mount Batur, Indonesia

The company was founded in 2010 and has gone through many developments but still retains their focus on making premium technical, tactical and outdoor gear for the demanding user.

Although primarily an online retailer, there is a brick and mortar Triple Aught Design store (Dog Patch Base) in San Francisco, California, USA.

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[Featured photo gear: FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype Backpack, Transport Sleeve and Control Panel 2 – all made by Triple Aught Design.]

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