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Hey, inspired by your website I started my own similar one. It uses WordPress as the content management system, which I assume yours is as well. But as a vagabond with minimal packing, I’m wondering what device you use to run it.

-Anthony R.
Ohio, USA


I use the iPad Pro to operate Vinjatek.

This site was made and operated with the MacBook Air laptop, but I long wanted to use a tablet for convenience and to further lighten my loadout.

However, I needed Adobe Photoshop, of which no app on any tablet was available – including any viable alternatives. Also, tablets back then weren’t powerful enough or had enough memory to fully take advantage of WordPress. At least for power users.

Then the iPad Pro was released and the specs were just right for what I needed, but still lacked “real” Photoshop. Then I discovered Affinity Photo, a damn fine alternative that was and still is strides ahead of anything else on the Apple App Store.

So I got rid of the laptop last year and have been using this tablet to great success and satisfaction.

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Compared to your old laptop, have you found any limitations as a digital nomad?

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