The TAD Control Panel 2 is a design masterpiece in technical loadout packing, organization, storage, and configuration. It’s fast, versatile and adaptive.

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“Control Panels are modular organization platforms that will transform the way you pack and access your gear. Built to give you the flexibility to rapidly organize, orient, and swap gear loadouts to support changing mission profiles, our Control Panel provides consistent orientation, quick access, and easy deployment for pouches and accessories.” -Triple Aught Design

When it comes to backpacks, suitcases, duffles and other mobile cargo, using packing cubes is one of the most useful packing strategies you can implement.

They give you a way to compartmentalize each gear type into its own section, increasing efficiency and fluidity of use. But there’s always some items that don’t match a specific category to be grouped into or certain items that shouldn’t be packed into a pouch as they may require faster, more immediate access.

This is where the Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 thrives. It’s a semi-rigid panel with 4 varied pockets and compartments along with exterior spots for up to 2 dozen items, like a highly evolved GRID-IT! organizer.

TAD Control Panel /// Vinjatek

It’s flat and shaped to fit perfectly in just about all backpacks as a sort of layer. It can also be suspended inside the pack using the included straps.

The back of the Control Panel 2 is almost entirely covered in velcro (loop) to attach gear, pouches or patches. Additionally, that adds protective padding to the contents of the singular full-size compartment – this is where my iPad Pro 10.5 securely resides.

On the front of the CP2 are 3 pockets. The top boasts dual compartments that’s ideal for thicker / wider items or things that need to be loaded fast for importance or frequency. I have my secure mobile phone in one and various battery packs in the other.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout Protoype with Control Panel 2 /// Vinjatek
TAD CP2 With Loadout

Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Kit /// Vinjatek

The lower half of the Control Panel 2 houses a water resistant zippered compartment that takes up the width of the panel but made for less bulky items. It’s ideal for small bits or important / delicate valuables; cash, documents, credit cards, etc.

Integrated across the center of each of the pocket sections are double layered elastic bands in multiple patterns to suit many item shapes and sizes.

If you can “EDC” it, it can also be attached in these bands in one way or another. It’s also good for odd items that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Perhaps most importantly, it’s most useful to put gear you need on the fly, so it’s easy to reach and deploy.

Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout VX42 Prototype, Control Panel 2 and Transport Sleeve /// Vinjatek
CP2 w/ FAST Pack Scout

Instead of constructing the CP2 with standard materials, TAD overbuilt these using the very tough and waterproof VX21 fabric. Stitching and finish is expectedly above standard coming from this brand. These were built to last through rugged use.

I currently use the Control Panel 2 with my Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout backpack. It slips in like it was made for (it actually was) each other.

If you want to take surgical control over your pack loadout and kit systems, the CP2 is the answer.

X-Pac VX21 Fabric // YKK Zipper // HDPE Frame Sheet // 9.75” x 13.75” // Made in USA

TAD Control Panel 2 // $80+

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  1. Got one a few months back when you posted it on Instagram. So useful for my camping loadouts.

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