This is a part of a series of menswear guide posts of my personal outfits and apparel setups for specific scenarios and daily wear.

“The clothing I wear is like an operative nomadic uniform. It’s functional, stylish and designed to perform specifically to my dynamic needs and the demands of high activity.” -John Cain

This is a partial / variable gear list for my on-my-person carry and packing list. Most of my equipment is in my FAST Pack Scout and Arc’teryx Carrier.

Objective: Flight, Office Meetings , Firearms Training, Light URBEX, Bar Hopping

Location: Washington DC

Wear Cost: $9,500 USD

Wristgame: HWY Gloves, Rolex Watch, Vollebak Sweater and Triple Aught Design Jacket /// Vinjatek

Triple Aught Design Ronin XT Jacket /// Vinjatek

Ronin XT Jacket

Made by Triple Aught Design in the USA, this is one of the toughest yet versatile everyday-anywhere jackets available.

        $250   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

HWI Leather Kevlar Duty Gloves /// Vinjatek

KLD100 Duty Gloves

Made HWI, these tactical leather gloves are lined with kevlar for abrasion and cut resistance while being soft and comfortable.

        $35   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic Midlayer /// Vinjatek

Condition Black Midlayer

Made by Vollebak, this hi-tech active sweater is reinforced with ceramic for armor and body temperature regulation.

        $235   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Rolex Submariner Date Tactical /// Vinjatek

Submariner Watch

Made by Rolex, this is the de facto men’s tool watch. Equally fitting in a business meeting, war zone or on the ocean floor.

        $9,000   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

Wristgame: HWY Gloves, Rolex Watch, Vollebak Sweater and Triple Aught Design Jacket /// Vinjatek

Every article of clothing or accessory listed here is an actual part of my current wardrobe. View all menswear posts, gear reviews or visit the shop.

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      It’s lined so it’s not the best for not too bad. It should get much better after it breaks in.

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