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SPNB /// LALO Tactical

Why I Carry a Fake Rolex While Wearing a Real One

Fake Rolex Submariner vs Real Rolex Submariner /// VinjatekSome Rolex owners wear a high quality knock-off of their watch and keep the real one sitting at home, for safety – logical yet dumb. I don’t do that, I do this…

[ March 03 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR, HACKS, MONEY

Addalock Portable Backup Door Lock

Addalock Portable Backup Door Lock /// The Gear List    [BUY]     The Addalock is a compact device that adds an effective lock or as an additional lock for most types of doors for increased security and privacy.

[ February 17 2019 ]        

[R]   Block Traffic Disruption Control

URBEX Underpass in Bangkok, Thailand /// VinjatekAn on-site, physical (analog) hack of modern transport infrastructures to manipulate the traffic patterns to a halt of an entire city block.

[ February 11 2019 ]         DATA, HACKS, RESTRICTED, TRADECRAFT

The True North Tradecraft Disaster Preparedness Guide

The True North Tradecraft Disaster Preparedness Guide: A Primer on Urban and Suburban Disaster Preparedness /// Vinjatek    [BUY]     This primer on urban and suburban disaster preparedness helps with planning, building survival / emergency readiness kits and awareness.

[ January 26 2019 ]        

[R]   Averting a Weapons Charge From a Police Body Search

Police Searching a Suspect on The Street /// VinjatekThis is a series of private posts of select transcripts from the communication with pro members through the Direct Support feature of Vinjatek.

[ January 06 2019 ]         DATA, GEAR, RESTRICTED, WEAPONOLOGY

*OPS: The Warfare Ruin Hotel

John V Cain /// OPS // Vinjatek*OPS is a series of posts possibly about my experiences as a (former) covert operative. Edited, altered, fictional and or true accounts of events.

[ December 14 2018 ]         DATA, OPS, TACTICAL, TRADECRAFT

EDC Methods: Keychain Defense

Brass Knuckles Keychain EDC with Rolex Submariner /// VinjatekEDC Methods is a series of posts about everyday carry gear concepts, tips and hacks. View all related posts or check out the gear shop.

[ October 01 2018 ]         DATA, GEAR, TACTICAL, WEAPONOLOGY

Evasive Self-Defense Guide For The Untrained [updated]

Ghetto in Seoul, South Korea /// VinjatekBasic tactics for evading imminent threats as an untrained differs from the highly trained but the mindset remains the same while abroad. [img]


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