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“Security for any purpose is inextricably connected to time – success or failure is relative to time passed, time left and time extended.” [Excerpt]

This impromptu security measure is intended to give the occupant of a small indoor space a live video feed of what’s going on just outside the room. Without looking directly into a peephole or opening the door.

Additionally for the purpose of automatically (motion trigger, time lapse) or manually (on demand) recording activity, remotely or while in the room. Furthermore as a proximity alarm, an alert system to notify the occupant of both intruders and visitors.


DIY Improvised Door Peephole Smartphone Security System /// Vinjatek


Lastly, the occupant can strategically and covertly see who’s knocking from a distance, to not make any walking noise or cast a shadow over a peephole.

As an added counter-surveillance measure, this effectively blocks the use of reverse peephole viewing devices from the outside while maintaining a clear viewpoint line of sight from the inside.

Implementation Guide   ///



For most scenarios, change the setting on the phone so that the display never shuts down. Optionally for extended use, connect the device to an external battery or keep it charged through a wall outlet.

Security Improvised Door Peephole Smartphone Security System /// VinjatekAlthough this setup does not require any special equipment, a secondary device such as an additional smartphone, tablet or laptop is required for remote access and or 3rd party streaming – of which can be connected via WiFi or mobile data.

This is essentially the same thing as placing a security camera at an entrance to a home, business or other facility. Except the “camera” is completely hidden and is for a room within a building, not the building itself.


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