The Centauro Knife is a sleek and speedy killer. It’s the first Raidops folding edged tool and currently my favorite full-sized tactical EDC knife.

“Innovative gear for tactical, outdoor, military and everyday carry applications. Increasing your survival success. Ergonomic, eidetic, functional and progressive design. Defend your body, protect your spirit.”

Raidops Centauro Knife /// VInjatek

Raidops gear was something of a unicorn a few years back. Images of them could be found around the web but actually acquiring them seemed mythical.

They started with exceedingly unique yet functional impact devices and fixed knives – all with an edgey flare that first caught my eye. But it was almost a decade later that I was able to get my hands on anything made by Raidops due to their then extreme rarity.

It was their Titanium CQB Tool, in my opinion the best in (any) class pocket prybar multi-tool available.

Then it was their Angry Caesar Titanium Knucks and now their first folding knife, The Centauro ($).

Raidops went from relatively simple (but ingeniously crafted for purpose and even aesthetics) gear to this complex, refined and advanced cutting device.

Luckily, they retained their experimental direction of innovation and design pushing method of style.

Raidops Centauro Knife 3 /// VINJABOND

Raidops Centauro Knife 2 /// VINJABOND

Raidops Centauro Knife Blade /// VINJABOND

Raidops Centauro Knife Glass Breaker /// VINJABOND

Raidops Centauro Knife Pivot /// VINJABOND

Raidops Centauro Knife Scales /// VINJABOND

Full titanium handles, ball bearing pivot, N690 steel blade and an adjustable frame lock system are just the headlining features of this high-end knife.

Designed in South Korea but made in Italy, The Centauro feels satisfyingly luxurious in the hand and with the blade deployed, confidently powerful. That’s due to the aggressive design formed by the finest and most robust materials available with about as much attention to detail in construction as you can get without going custom.

It’s heavy for a titanium scaled knife but that’s just how a tactical knife should be, weighted but balanced, firm but fluid. A tool of this kind should not be top heavy. The Centauro just feels right during action.

Raidops could have made these much lighter by milling the handles and using a skeletal backspacer, but again, I think it’s balanced just right. Besides, that’s why they have the carbon fiber versions in a smaller package.

Without actually holding it in your hands, the handles don’t seem to be comfortable. This was a rather big concern for me right up until I held them.

My first thought? “Ohhh, that’s niceeee…” Perhaps because my expectations on the comfort and grip of the handles was very low. Regardless, they feel and fit wonderfully in both forward and reverse grip.

Blade deployment on the Centauro Knife is among the smoothest and fastest of flippers I can recall in recent memory. That’s because the action is powered by the ball bearing pivot. Instead of direct contact with the balls and blade, they are encased in steel, adding to the smoothness – it feels almost organic.

Raidops Centauro Knife w/ Leatherman Charge TTi /// VINJABOND
w/ Leatherman Charge TTi
Raidops Centauro Knife w/ Guardian Tactical Exilis /// VINJABOND
w/ Guardian Tactical Exilis
Raidops Centauro Knife w/ Angry Caesar /// VINJABOND
w/ Raidops Angry Caesar Knuck

Let’s talk about the blade. It’s a helluva blade. For me, a tactical knife should have at least a small belly (knife curve), check. It’s thick at 4mm and medium large at 3.66″ long with a nigh flat bevel on an overall elegantly murderous and futuristically streamlined grind.

Made from a rarely seen but versatile N690 stainless steel. Beautifully stonewash finished on an almost custom level with zero visible machining marks.

I really dig the pocket clip. It’s a double screw, short but with wide clipping coverage with lines to match the rest of the knife. Subtly yet attractively laser etched “Raidops” logo, as with the hallmarks on the blade.

The Raidops Centauro Knife is completed by the very useful glass breaker / skull cracker at the pommel.

The Raidops Centauro Knife

Raidops’ first folder is a tactical knife making triumph and now my favored full-sized EDC edged tool.

Designed in Korea // Made in Italy // Cutting Edge: 3.66″ // Weight: 6.00 oz // N690 Steel Blade // Ball Bearing Pivot // Titanium Scales // Full Stone Wash

Raidops Centauro Knife /// $374

[Also featured in this review is the Charge TTi, Exilis Knife, Alpha Touch Gloves and an Angry Caesar.]

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    Wow, what a gorgeous knife!!! Ahh but its $374. So fine though!

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