Whether on the move or laying low, on a trek or on a mission, make it a habit to take frequent inventory of your individual kits, loadouts and EDC.

When you’re at a place for a while then you start to move again, what do you often do by reflex? You check your pockets for your phone, wallet and other essentials for verification – you take inventory.

That’s your everyday carry (EDC) kit and so it’s natural to have a strong awareness of these items. But the same should be considered for all your kits.

Kits for survival, clothing, toiletry, meds, first-aid, tech, tools and individually compartmentalized systems.

Also, each pocket and compartment in your bags.

Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Kit /// Vinjatek
Triple Aught Design Control Panel 2 Kit

These inventory checks should be done periodically and eventually as a habit. But not only when your packing or unpacking but whenever you have a moment – usually just a quick glance.

Mental checklists like checking your EDC on the move, not written (although useful for some kits).

Doing this often is not only a preventative measure to losing your gear, but it will continuously reinforce your knowledge of the exact contents of your kits and packing list as well as the location of each item.

FAST Pack Scout VX42 Black Admin Pocket /// Vinjatek

Additionally, you should expiration dates on meds, credit cards, ID’s, passport and perishable goods.

Now you won’t have to rummage through your things looking for something that’s not there while making it more efficient to find what you’re looking for.

However, once in a while a full inventory check should be done of all your kits at one go.

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  1. HAVING BEEN MUCH TRAVELED IN MY PAST LIFE !!I find it very good practice to get into good habits when on the road-ie.
    you can NEVER CHECK STATUS OF KIT/PPWK/HARD KIT to often !!When tired/jetlaged/stressed/dislocated/need to relocate
    etc.if you get into the habit of checking kit often it will become second nature/automatic-therefore it will always be available when needed most.
    I find myself always “paying it forward” with prep time.
    eg. pack kit away before sleep so that next day of travel you are already good to go as soon as you wake/shower etc.
    When boarding aircraft it’s very easy to get distracted due to unfamilar surroundings/jetlag/stress etc.Get into good habits with regarsd stowing away PPWK/PASSPORT/TICKETS ETC. as soon as you can once boarded then LOCK THEM AWAY -EVEN HAND LUGAGE IS A TARGET FOR THEFT-ESPECIALY ON OVERNIGTH LONGHAUL FLIGHTS.


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