This is a giveaway for the extremely rare and highly coveted Triple Aught Design Life Capsule Omega. -for pro members only

Our Life Capsules are relied upon by members of domestic and foreign special operations forces, backcountry diehards, rescue teams and law enforcement. Or anyone who spends a lot of time in the field or has a high degree of personal situational preparedness.     –Triple Aught Design

I was able to acquire 3 of these a few years back when they were momentarily in stock at Triple Aught Design’s shop. These are essentially EDC gear unicorns, coming into existence ever so rarely then vanishing again for untold lengths of time.

They’ve been a part of my loadout and everyday carry ever since and have been indispensable, check out the review here or relevant posts here.

For the longest time I’ve always had 2 of them traveling with me and the last 1 in my most important go-bag. However, this last month overlanding Vietnam with a motorcycle with 1/3 of my packing list (the rest was shipped to my destination city, Hanoi), I further learned to “vagabond” with even less gear.

Now that I’ve reacquired all my gear, I decided to do a bit of “spring cleaning” by getting rid of some things, including my backup Life Capsule Omega.

Triple Aught Design Life Capsule Omega Urban Survival Kit /// Vinjatek

These fetch about $200 on eBay but retail for only $95 (when available directly) but I prefer to give it away to one of you pro members.

There will be 1 winner, shipping worldwide.

Entering the giveaway:   Share one or both of the photos on this page of the Life Capsule Omega to your Instagram of Facebook with a caption of your choice and tagged with Vinjatek’s profile.

Then use this form to officially enter by letting me know the links of each shared posts.

Sharing on both social networks will double your chances of winning from the random drawing at the end of next month. The number of likes will not effect your odds, to keep it fair for everyone.

However, VIP [Black] Lifetime members need only to use this form and will still receive X2 chances.

[The giveaway does not include the SERE kit items.]

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