///   I Was in a Motorcycle Accident…

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Vietnam /// Vinjatek[Graphic Content] As I’ve posted on Instagram, I was just in a motorcycle accident while touring the stretch of Vietnam. ***This is an ongoing post.

It was a dark and dank morning with rain falling like it’s angry. My girlfriend and I had left Dong Ha, a pit stop city after Hue to just as nasty weather.

A truly middle-of-nowhere city called Hồ Xá was supposed to be a 5 minute drive through its highway.

Then a local on a motorbike pulls into our lane without even looking with too much speed.

I look in my left mirror and see a truck about to pass us, forcing our direction to the path forward.

No time to break or honk, I whisper to myself “shit” and brace myself for impact.


Our motorcycle hits the other driver’s front wheel center, then it tosses me to the wet street.

My helmet flies off after hitting the ground and cracking it. I tumble for a bit and stand up as soon as possible checking my girl.

No signs of significant injuries, I help her to the sidewalk where there was a bystander that was just closing up his restaurant. He helps her sit down on a seat.

I follow and look at my hand while walking to cover and notice my glove is torn around the palm.

There’s a deep laceration with flesh and muscle protruding as rain poured on it with blood flowing like a juice box being squeezed too hard.

My pinky seems to be broken but no pain yet.

I go to my girl and check her for visible signs of trauma. Torn knee with blood everywhere.

The restaurant owner had already called us a taxi for the hospital.

Not knowing how far the hospital was, I take out my first-aid kit from my FAST Pack Scout with my usable left hand to clean the wound.

A chunk of flesh slides off the wound then I see out the window that we are already at the hospital.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Vietnam /// Vinjatek

Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Vietnam /// Vinjatek

My girl had a busted knee, a concussion and some cuts on her fingers.

I ended up with 4 stitches on my right hand, the same on my right forearm plus a hairline fracture, a sprained pinky and a dislocated right shoulder that I put back into place myself.

-This will be further updated.

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