A special circumstance close quarters combat wallet function concept. Consisting of a Microtech Assailant Card and a Magpul DAKA Sleeve.

A unique tool that fits in a wallet that’s designed as best as a cutting instrument can be in such a form. Made from titanium alloy in the dimensions of a standard credit card. Tactically street practical for permissive carry.

+ A literal slice of a weapon that can literally slice, is detection resistant and fully ergonomic.

+ A razor thin but ruggedized wallet sleeve, is minimalistic with an aggressive death-grip texture.

Put these things together and you get an actual trick up your sleeve; titanium card knife with a carbidized edge + “the toughest, thinnest wallet in the world”.

Assailant Card Sleeve CQC Concept /// Vinjatek

The purpose of this concept attempts to create a means of covertly carrying an instantly deployable edged tool as an integrated part of a wallet setup. Specifically in this case as a card sleeve setup.

+ Assailant Card // Microtech
        $95+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

+ DAKA Wallet Sleeve // Magpul
        $9+   |   INTEL   |   BUY »

The blade function is secondary to this being used as an everyday carry card sleeve. Two actual credit cards snugs perfectly with the Assailant Card in the DAKA Sleeve’s grippy but slidey interior.

It ghosts in pockets with minimal footprint and zero visual printing. Fits seamlessly along with anything else in the pocket for carry versatility.

DAKA Assailant Wallet Kit /// Vinjatek

Magpul DAKA Wallet with Microtech Assailant Card /// Vinjatek

Microtech Assailant Card 2019 /// Vinjatek

Tungsten Carbide Edge of The Microtech Assailant Card Knife /// Vinjatek

DAKA Assailant Wallet Kit Items  /// Vinjatek

The Assailant Card’s finger ring is exposed just enough to be deployed in a single move while still in the pocket – ready to be accessed, or for the credit cards.

As if naturally reaching for the wallet, the forefinger grips and holds down the DAKA Sleeve so that the middle finger can hook through the Assailant Card’s finger hole and pull it out of the sleeve.

Visually discreet and natural body motions for blade deployment without having to take out the wallet.

It’s effectively removing a fixed knife out its sheath – easily, quickly and efficiently with a low failure rate.

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  1. Travis Rep Reply

    That’s a nice minimalist kit. Super minimal but very functional. The carbon edges on the titanium is real nice add on. Got the bigger version of the DAKA wallet, incredible material and solid construction. Love the kit man.

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