A form of situational awareness, the tactic of reading a room is to determine the patterns of behavior and group mentality in a confined space for direction.

“Everyone “people watch”, everyone. It’s a normal and vital function of social and daily activity. We have to observe the people around us (passively) in order to respond proactively and appropriately.“ –John Cain

“Reading a room” is deliberately observing a room to understand the overall emotions and thoughts of the persons in it. This is to calculate the best method of engagement of the situation of said room.

This art of awareness is the interpretation of group dynamics in small, confined spaces. On-the-fly situational judgements and shared character assessments from mere moments of observation and interaction – to obtain actionable intel.

A room with at least one other person in it makes it a potential event. An event is a scenario in which the occurrences can be manipulated or influenced for your own agenda and other purposes.

The signifance and usefulness of this skillset is beyond an operative’s tradecraft as it relates to the near entirety of normal life for all. Life is all about “rooms”.

In regards to “reading a room”, a “room” doesn’t necessarily mean just a 4-walled-space-with-a-ceiling-and-door. It relates to any space, outdoor or indoors, public or private – that has an observer (you) and at least one player (any other person) in relatively close proximity to eachother at the same time.

We all subconsciously read rooms when we enter them as natural and automated responses. This usually works fine for simple, non-critical scenarios.



In these critical or potentially volatile cases, reading a room becomes an art, a strategic assessment of the immediate world around you to paint the situation in your thought process into a manageable position.

Know the room you’re in and the state of how the people in it are and you can most effectively engage the room and respond to the people.

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.

[The featured photo was taken while I was crashing a celebrity party in Taipei, Taiwan.]

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