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Pack 2 Bags Expecting to Lose 1 //

This is part gear mentality and part packing strategy. The idea is to have 1 large and 1 small bag that work together as a whole packing kit but also as independent loadouts so that you can survive and or function effectively if either one is lost or stolen.

The small bag is essentially a scaled down, more mobile version of the big bag. Most items are interchangeable between each bag, so as long as both retain functionality – relatively equally.

Other than the difference in size and content amount, the usage per situation and certain items that are “reserved” for each bag is what separates them.

Vagabonding Travel Packing List Loadout /// Vinjatek

For example, my small bag is a FAST Pack Scout and is usually packed with a single change of my favorite (best) clothing, passport, cash stash, and compact versions of tech / toiletry / first-aid / tool kits.

My big bag is an A10 Duffle of which an Arc’teryx Carrier is used as a protective cover. This is essentially my cargo or supply bag. It has the rest of my gear and also physically expands to fit more items (including the entire small bag itself).

As for myself, my small bag is more important to me. And when equipping your own kits, you should also make one more important than the other.



So again, I can lose either bag but I’ll still be fine to function as normal, living nomadically with 1.

Think of it as having 2 backup bags while both also serving as your primary bags, each used for either purpose depending on the situation.

This is obviously not a plan to lose a bag but to have an incidental contingency plan if it does happen.

[Featured Gear: Triple Aught Design FAST Pack Scout, Arcteryx Carrier Duffle, Piorama A10 Duffle, LALO Shadow Amphibian Boots and Heroclips. ]

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  1. As always the master of gear setting it straight. Thanks for the inspo!

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