I have chosen The Adjustable Bag A10 to be a part of my “life kit” loadout system. Meaning this is what I’ll be relying on and living out of as a vagabond.

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“A convertible bag that instantly expands or contracts. Duffel, backpack, or sling. Depending on your activity or occasion, t can transition between 31L, 46.5L, and a 62L capacity, allowing it to be you day, weekend, or travel bag all in one. There’s never been a bag with so much versatility.”     -Piorama

Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 : Review

I live on the road. I’m always traveling and so the bags I utilize are very important to me. Because it holds all the things I need to live a life nomadic. Piorama’s unique duffle helps like no other bag before it.

The Adjustable Bag A10 replaces my long and well used FAST Pack EDC. It holds the bulk of my gear and packing list for my life, I like to call it my “cargo bag”.

It’s essentially my mobile closet.

It may not be on my person all the time but it does for all intents and purposes hold all my stuff all the time. So it needs to be extremely reliable and versatile.

This is 1 of the 2 bags in my vagabonding packing system. The other is a much smaller 15 liter FAST Pack Scout. When both bags are precisely packed for movement (flights, trains, transport) the Adjustable Bag A10 is “set” at its smallest size of 31 liters.

For most people that’s too small for a travel duffle. For me, it holds everything I need perfectly but for everyone else, it can be set to 46.5 or at most 62 liters – on the fly within seconds.

And that’s why Piorama’s duffle is called the “Adjustable” Bag. Because it literally adjusts its literal capacity when needed. It’s a streamlined process and the mechanism is flawlessly executed.

Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 : Review
/// 31 Liter Mode
Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 at 46.5 Liters
/// 46.5 Liter Mode
Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 at 62 Liters
/// 62 Liter Mode

Even though I only use up less than 31 liters at normal loadout use, the ability to change the capacity is a game changer for me. I often have to widen my equipment list for my “day job”, things and items I can’t publicly divulge on the open web.

Prior to having the Adjustable Bag A10, I had to resort to buying cheap bags to use for a single day or so then discard as I won’t have a use for them again.

Think about the other possibilities, you can have a gym, work, travel or load bag, all in one.

The other game changer for me is the ability to put my smaller bag (FAST Pack Scout) inside this duffle to form into a single unit. In most cases I like to keep them segregated but there are times when having them neatly and tightly as one is more ideal.

Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 Packed
Base Loadout /// 31 Liters
Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 Fully Packed
Full Loadout /// 62 Liters

The concept of this bag could have easily been a gimmick if it wasn’t so well designed and cleverly enhanced by both small and large elements.

The Adjustable Bag A10 is not as tough as the Goruck Kit Duffle but it’s still rugged enough for me. I have no doubt it’ll last me a few years and thousands of miles. Furthermore, it’s got other features that pushed me to choose this over the Goruck.

While it’s a duffle in nature, it’s also designed to be used as a backpack by just changing the straps around. The zippers are waterproof and lockable. It’s got an exterior admin pocket with 2 interior pockets within the main compartment which is lined in a soft and bright blue for visibility.

This is the clever part. You’ll notice that there’s 3 handle straps in a pyramid formation. Seems like overkill but it’s actually brilliant engineering…

Because of the varying capacity of the bag, the makers had to accommodate the balance of holding it in those different settings. So each of the 3 handle straps are perfectly aligned for weight balance and center of gravity, depending on the setting.

Piorama The Adjustable Bag A10 Closeup

Ever since I started living a nomadic life it seems I get a new “cargo bag” every 2 year or so. But each time I carefully select them as they will be one of the most vital things I need for the way I live and travel.

I don’t know how long I’ll be using this but I am most satisfied with how it’s worked out so far.

The Adjustable Bag A10 // $149

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