///   6 Ways to Make Money as a Nomad

6 Ways to Make Money as a Vagabond /// VinjatekA vagabonding nomadic life is a location independent one and as with any other lifestyle, it needs income to make it an active one – these are some of the methods.

You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.

-Steve Case

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I may technically be retired but I’m not rich and I want to continue to build my future while I’m still young(?). So while living this vagabonding life, I like to keep earning while still enjoying and really living it.

We live in a wonderful time where we can wander the globe or live purposely detached from a central location, unanchored to roam with freedom.

But it is still a way of living, meaning it takes means to keep on living, like any other way of living. These are some of the ways to keep that going:

Meeting at Istanbul, Turkey /// Vinjatek

Mobile Profession

These are location independent careers. Jobs that don’t require you to always be in a specific place and time to function. Most often these are entrepreneurs and contractors that can go wherever and whenever for work.

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these jobs already, the trickiest part of vagabonding life is solved. I know quite a few photographers, day traders, security consultants, artists, self-defense instructors and even a barber who are thriving living nomadically and earning big.

A few times a year I consult allied militaries and certain agencies as a side gig which takes me to less than tourist friendly locales around the world.


-Earning Potential: Unlimited

Teaching English as a Vagabond /// Vinjatek

Teach English

You don’t need a teaching degree or even be a college graduate to get a legitimate job as an English teacher in most of Asia. This is the most common type of “working vagabond” I meet in my travels and I’ve heard so many good things.

All you really need is a TEFL certification of which you can bang out in a 30 hour online course. Jobs seem to always be in high-demand wit easy hiring.

While this locks you into a location for however long the contract is (3 – 12 months), teaching and living in a foreign country like this is an extraordinary experience in itself, and you get paid for it.

Wages seem to be perfectly proportioned with a premium to the cost of living in the relevant country. So you can spend and save up while working.

-Earning Potential: $1,200 – $2,400 / Month

Work at a Hostel or Coworking Space as a Vagabond /// Vinjatek

Work at a Hostel or Coworking Space

It’s fairly easy and common to get a job at a hostel or coworking space. But these are rarely paying jobs and are hardly glamorous. Compensation is usually in the form of a free bed or desk for as long as you “work” in one of these places.

But that’s not so bad when you’re strapped for cash and want to extend your travels. Besides, accommodations are the most costly expense of vagabonding. Money saved is money earned.

Even if it’s not obviously advertised, ask the staff for any positions, people do it all the time.


-Earning Potential: Free Accommodations / Workspace

Local Temp Odd Jobs as a Vagabond /// Vinjatek

Local Temp Odd Jobs

Despite being low pay with zero job security, this kind of work is quite difficult to get hired for as the locals would also be vying for it – and they’ll usually get it over some random foreigner.

But it’s not unheard of. If you’re strong maybe you can work construction or move heavy things. If you’re willing to get paid less than what they’re offering, then maybe you’ll get a job over the local guy.

If you’re lucky, maybe you can get a part-time bartending gig at a touristy / expat bar in a non-English speaking country.

It’s all about leveraging your skills that don’t seem special until someone pays you for it.

-Earning Potential: Local Minimum Wage

Eco Hostel at Gili Meno Island, Indonesia /// VINJABOND

Digital Nomad

Bloggers, web developers, graphic designers, coders, social influencers and other location independent tech professions are all potential digital nomads – assuming one takes advantage of being able to work remotely from essentially anywhere in the world for long periods of time.

This very website is what makes me a digital nomad. It gives me a little bit of income and I can do it from anywhere and at anytime, I just need decent internet. But I’m not special, our numbers are growing rapidly and I believe almost anyone can also become a digital nomad – with a lot of work and some ingenuity.

Ideally, it’s this and or having a “mobile profession” that epitomizes the modern working vagabond in its effectiveness and adaptability.


-Earning Potential: Unlimited

Rent Out Your Space /// Vinjatek

Rent Out Your Space

If you own property, it should be a given to rent it out for long term before departing. Better yet, if you have a business associate or a reliable friend / relative, get them to run a side-Airbnb service for the property for much better returns albeit much more work.

If you’re renting but still have time on your lease but want to start vagabonding before it terminates, sublease the apartment for the remainder. You may not make money but you’ll at the least minimize loss.

Or if you want to try something new, there’s a service that lets you safely swap homes from other people around the world for a set amount of time. It’s like couples swinging, but with homes.


-Earning Potential: Various

6 Ways to Make Money as a Vagabond /// Vinjatek

They told me to grow roots, instead I grew wings.

-Louis de Bernières

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Good intel sir, I’m well on my way to following your footsteps in becoming a vagabond.

Lopeh Jje

Yup, trying the teaching in Vietnam gig for a while.

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